NestJS vs ExpressJS – Which is best for your Node JS Project?

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Dec 26th, 2023
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Javascript has gained extensive popularity and has become one of the most popular languages today along with large community support. Today almost all websites on the internet are directly or indirectly powered by JS. This vast ecosystem has given so many best javascript frameworks and libraries and one of those is Node js, which is the most demandable framework of JS and developers find it interesting to work with.

With its increasing demand, Node js has also launched its frameworks like Express, Nest js, Meteor js, and many more. Among them, there is a hot debate going on between two frameworks of Node js which are Nest js and Express, as well as there is huge confusion about which one to choose for the Node js project. So today we will have an article on the differentiation between Nest js vs Express js and will find out the best among them.

So let’s dive into the battle of differentiation between Express js vs Nest js

Nest js vs Express js – Technical Aspects

What is Nest.js?

Nest.js is an open-source framework of Node js, which is based on Typescript and Javascript. It is used to build reliable, efficient, and scalable server-side applications.

Most of its syntax styles are like Angular. Js, which is one of the major benefits of Angular developers, can find it easier to work. If you are building large-scale applications, then Nest js is a good choice. Moreover, it also allows you to use Javascript.

Features of Nest js

  • It’s simple to use and easy to learn
  • Having good documentation
  • Perfect for large-scale applications
  • Having powerful Command Line Interfaces to enhance the performance
  • It has support for a lot of modules, which enables easy integration with common technologies.

What is Express.js?

Just like Next js, Express.js is also an open-source framework of Node js. It is used to build Web applications and APIs. It can be used as a backend or frontend both.

Using Express js with Node js can build single-page applications, multi-page applications as well as hybrid applications.

Features of Express js

  • Provides flexibility to mobile and web applications
  • Light-weight framework
  • Can be easily used with different databases MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL
  • It includes template engines, which enable the developers to create interacting web pages by creating HTML templates on the server side
  • Provides various security features like CSRF and CORS

Nest js vs Express js- How are different from each other?

Being frameworks of Node js, they both have some similarities, but also they are different from each other in various aspects, Just read below

It provides ready-made application architecture with the use of controllers, providers, and modules, which allows developers to test and maintain the application. While Express.js does not provide any flexibility to maintain a small development team.

The other difference between them is, that Express.js provides developers, the freedom to test and implement the code as per their requirements whereas Nest js doesn’t provide this much freedom.

Nest js vs Express js – Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros of Nest js

  • Using Nest js makes the development process easy and quick
  • Applications can be highly scaled
  • Great documentation available
  • Can be used for large-scale applications
  • It is based on Typescript
  • It uses Angular-style syntax, which ensures the scalability of applications
  • Easy Unit-testing

Cons of Nest js

  • Less support and resources available online
  • Debugging issues

Pros of Express js

  • The quick app development process
  • Simple and Easy to learn
  • Better Coding facility
  • Large Community support
  • Easily Compatible with Angular js
  • Support for Google v8 engine
  • Single language for both frontend and backend development
  • Easily integrates with other engines

Cons of Express js

  • Not easy to identify error messages
  • Call back problems
  • Not suitable for large projects, but can be ok for small and medium projects
  • Does not support Typescript, so applications do not run on multiple browsers
  • Has no proper – architectural pattern

Nest js vs Express js – Opinionated and Un-Opinionated

Nest js is strongly opinionated to its developers, it focuses on principles and conventions. It allows the developers to use code and syntax in a standard manner, which minimizes the need for external configuration. Moreover, Nestjs is based on Typescript and has Angular-type syntax, which makes the application more simple and bug-free.

On the other hand, Express js does provide any strong opinions, it does not provide any specific rules to follow, which means developers have the opportunity to work with different scenarios as well as write code as per their needs. Express.js can be suitable for smaller projects if you want to work with small teams.

Nest js vs Express js – In terms of Performance

Express js is asynchronous, which allows you to execute multiple operations independently, while Nest js provides a lot of plugins, its dependency injections features smoothly run the application.

The best part of Nest.js is, that it has a Command Line Interface, which allows you to directly write the commands without the need to write long lines of codes

Nest js vs Express js – In terms of Architectural Pattern

Nest js follows a proper architectural pattern, it follows MVC architecture. It has ready-to-use components like Model, View, and Controller. You can separate and integrate the UI part and control logic. On the other hand, Express.js does not follow any proper structure, so your applications might remain less optimized.

Nest js vs Express js – In terms of Popularity

Nest.js has over 47,000 stars on GitHub while Express js has 57,000 stars on GitHub, so when it comes to popularity, Express js wins the race here and it is one of the most popular frameworks but Nestjs is also not behind the race, it is second on the list of most popular frameworks of Node js.

Companies Using Nest js

Below is the list of well-known companies using Nest js for their software development

  • GoDaddy
  • PayPal
  • IBM
  • Walmart
  • RisingStack
  • Uber
  • ReWedigital
  • Autodesk

Companies Using Express.js

Below is the list of well-known companies using Express.js for software development

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • PayPal
  • NASA
  • eBay
  • Medium

Nest js vs Express js – The Conclusion

Nest js and Express js, are both popular frameworks of Node.js, if you are looking for a Node js project, then both will give an equal benefit. But according to some developers, if you work with Nest js you will get the extreme benefit for backend development and it will take your business to the next level.

While Express is also a demanding framework, you can prefer it for small projects
or with a small development team, because complexity might arise with a large team or large project. So the choice is yours, choose wisely as per your project criteria.

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