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AdPushup helps you to grow your business by their fabulous advertising strategies. let me give you a quick introduction to Adpushup’s achievements. AdPushup is founded in 2014 and till now they have got tons of appreciation from some well-known companies like Google Ads, Microsoft ventures, and many more. In today’s age of social media, most people are running their businesses online. Advertising is the most significant way for any business to grow fast online, and nowadays people are getting customers by running ads in different places. But not everyone needs to know how to run ads, many people do not have any special knowledge of where and how to run which gives a higher conversion rate. The best way to get more customers from advertising is AdPushup. AdPushup will test and find the best Ad for your business using A / B testing. A/B testing is one type of technique to find the best Ads for your business in which they prepare 3-4 Ads and run them for testing purposes and they choose one based on the best performance. In the future, they only use one Ad which performs the best.




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What We Do

Now when it comes to our work, let me tell you that we have implemented many new things in this project. Here we have designed and developed a great landing page for AdPushup to Advertise their services and convert them into their potential clients. If you have visited AdPushup’s website you will have an idea that their website is based on a red and white theme. In addition, they prefer a clean UI.

to fulfill AdPushup’s every requirement and desire to have an engaging landing page first we have gathered all the needs and design expectations. As soon as we found out what design they would like, as always, we first created two or three Mockup designs in Adobe XD that matched the style, color, and layout of their website. We’ve converted the Mockup design into an actual WordPress Landing Page because their website is based on WordPress only. They are very active on this project; also, we’ve provided a daily update of the project because of their requirements. Because we have special knowledge of their business and services, we designed the landing page according to their expectations which will bring them huge numbers of customers. The most compelling part of the landing page is the contact section. Here we have designed the content section in such a way that the user can read their services and submit their details immediately.

Summary Results

Our work with AdPushup was not that big, but our relationship with them will be very long. We had a lot of discussions technically with AdPushup because those people were well versed in the web world. We took special knowledge about Ads to conclude this project successfully that made it a lot of fun for us to do this project. The best thing we’ve learned from working with AdPushup is that if you benefit your client, you’ll get a double benefit. We did our best work on their project with this positive attitude.
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