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TThe jumping league is becoming more and more popular. This sport is spreading worldwide. Most people know about the Australian jumping league, which is a very famous and well-known jumping league worldwide. They are organizing the jumping events and jumping shows to entertain us. There are so many participants who come here to take part and grab the enormous winning amount. You will be shocked to know that in 2019, they organized a competition among ten teams, and the prize money is the highest in Australian history. The prize money is about $480,000. Australian Jumping Teams League is also known as AJTL. Let me tell you that you too can participate in this league and win huge. You need to fulfill some essential criteria to take part in AJLT available on their official website.




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We glad to have this fantastic project. AJLT is one of the best projects of UPSQODE; we put so much effort into making their website worthy. Australian Jumping Teams League is Australia based website.

As we follow the agile approach, at the initial step, we did instance research and analysis about their innovative idea and got quality information about them. At the next step, we anticipate some mild yet catchy designs for the website. Here we use some adobe Photoshop tools also along with WordPress. Nowadays, UI/UX is becoming more powerful and effective; therefore, we focus on making the best website design for the client. We give some classy look to AJLT to make it catchier. The logo also has a significant impact on visitors’ mind-set; therefore, we create logo design according to that. These small things make work perfect.

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If we talk technically in this project, we use two main tools that are WordPress and Photoshop, that suit the niche. From our side, we’ve enjoyed this project so much because the niche is compelling and unique that gives Goosebumps to us. At the feedback, time client says that ‘we appreciate the work you did very well!’ Truly this motivates us so much.