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CARDIO is the first gym website we created. You will find all kinds of facilities inside the CARDIO gym. Here they have new and modern equipment with which you can build the body as you’ve dreamed. Any gym is best only when its trainers are the best. Here CARDIO has highly experienced and talented trainers who will tell you what to do and what not to do to keep your body in shape. Not only this, with the help of this trainer you can do exercises that are very helpful to you according to your body shape and weight. If we talk about the atmosphere here, this gym is a place where you can get fresh and pure air and the atmosphere here is very hygienic to do exercise. Each gym has its specialty, and the specialty of this gym is that you will get all the needy things inside the gym; you can find a gym outfit, all the supplements with a fresh diet for your perfect body. Here you are trained to build your body as well as stay mentally healthy.




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We give our best performance whenever it comes to people’s health and body. In the same way, we took this project to the end with full attention and focus. We were very excited when we got this project because we had never worked on any gym website before this. After grabbing the project, the first thing we did is we analyzed the client’s every requirement. We then proceeded with our work as per this requirement.

The project was pretty simple, but the client told us that he wanted a design that would give a person an immediate idea of ​​how we work and what services we are providing. Also, he wants that everyone should be amazed by the website’s first visit. Other than that, they wanted a website that was different from every competitor’s gym website. Now let’s talk a little bit technical; we first designed this website in FIGMA, in which we used unique fonts and colors that everyone should love. We have built this website on the web flow platform. The combination of black and orange looks so beautiful; along with that, our high-definition photos adorn the website. If you have analyzed the website carefully, you will know that the trainer section where the slider has been installed increases the beauty of the website.

Summary Results

If I had to say something brief about this project, I would say that it was a lot of fun to work on this project, and we hope that such projects will continue in the future. The funny thing is that this was the first project in which we did not face any difficulties; this project we completed in a very short time with our experience and skills. There are some special things to learn from each project, but we learned many things from this project.
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