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Fast Data Recovery is the most significant ransomware recovery & cybersecurity service provider. FDR is providing its service worldwide with 24/7 support. They have a talented and dedicated team for data recovery, ransomware removal, and ransomware prevention. Till now, they’ve worked with thousands of clients, and they provided valuable service to them, which helps their clients get their all data back. FDR has the mastery to recover the data from attacks like PHOBOS, DHARMA, GlobeImposter, Sodinokibi, Abaddon, MAKOP, Stop/DJVU, and much more! Nowadays, attacks are increasing rapidly, and most of the attacks are on business websites or databases to steal their customer’s valuable data. Do not worry about your customer’s data and security. FDR can help you with this. If, in any case, your data is lost by any cyber attack, then Fast Data Recovery can recover all your data within 24-48 hours. Also, FDR provides FREE Evaluation for urgent recoveries. You need to follow certain steps to obtain a FREE Evaluation.




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As a leading Web Agency, we deliver outstanding and award-winning web work. We have over 5+ years of experience to offer you a creative digital solution for your business growth.

What We Do

The FDR project has proved to be very important for us. This project taught us a lot and, at the same time, enhanced our experience. The first thing that the FDR project teaches us is how to work in a team and how easily and well any work is done together by teamwork. Let me show you our whole process of what we did to make this project a success.

First of all, let me tell you that we have completely redesigned their old website which was very dull and slow. To redesign, the first thing our entire team did was analyze FDR’s old website and make a list of what issues their old webpage has. After analyzing the whole FDR website, we checked the requirements received from our client and discussed how long it would take to complete the project. When we had enough planning and strategy to complete this project, then we started our next step. We then started designing in which we first created three to four mockup designs of the home page and sent them to our client for verification. When he chooses the best design as per their requirements, we took that design and started working on it.

Summary Results

When we got this project, we also thought that maybe we would not complete this project successfully. But our fears were overwhelmed by our self-confidence and we did it. By the end of each project, something to be learned from it similarly from FDR, we learned many things. Also, every project has its problems and issues. In the same way, many issues came up in this project, but our teamwork and knowledge overwhelmed them, and we brought this project to a successful conclusion.
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