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Gou Gou Pets has a unique and holistic view to help the pets to be well. They are focusing on Traditional Chinese formulas with new and unique pet care knowledge. If we talk about Gou Gou Pet’s founder, he is a very well-known reputable Doctor with knowledge and specialization in healthcare. Also, She has experience of over 25 years. Once she was inspired to do something for pet’s health, so she created some products using eastern and western methodologies. Gou Gou pets offer you the best product for your pet’s with a combination of modern and traditional methods. They believe in natural things. They know what exactly our pets need and what makes them healthy. Gou Gou Pets are using natural herbs and essential oils in their products. Those people believe in three main things. First of all, old rites, traditional herbs and animal peace. Let me tell you that these products have many benefits such as the health of your pets is very good as there are no chemicals in their products. These naturally made products keep pets active and vibrant.




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This project was something different for us because this was the first time we were going to work on a Pets website. So in the project, we paid a lot of attention and made this project the best in our way.

Every project has something special. There was a special thing in this project as well. The design of this website, if you look carefully, you will understand that we have given this website a modern look, but at the same time, this design will remind you of the old times. As always, in this project, too, we first met and discussed and formulated a strategy. Accordingly, we first used Figma To design this website. We used different fonts in its design and made a catchy and engaging design per the client’s requirements. We have created this website in WooCommerce using the WordPress platform, and we have also added many features here, such as Google’s reviews and discounts etc.

Summary Results

In a nutshell, this project was a lot of fun, and we learned a lot about the Chinese tradition as the project was based entirely on Chinese traditions, and we learned many new things by moulding ourselves according to their business and requirements. One of the best things about their business is that they emphasise natural things and make their products from natural stuff so that the pets are not harmed and stay healthy. Also, technically we had fun with the client because he knew what he wanted and didn’t want on his website.
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