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In whose name has the word ‘painting’, Metro Precision Painting offers the best painting service in its area. They are providing painting services for the past three decades. The extraordinary thing about their service is they are treating their customers like family, and everyone does the best for their family. Let me tell you that their process is also straightforward and divided into three steps. First, you can connect them using the number or contact form provided on their website and make an appointment for a free estimate. In the second step, they will send their best painting team to your place. Those people will observe your space and give you a free estimation. In the third and final step, their team will come to your site at the time that suits you and will make your place very beautiful. Also if we talk about their team, this company has a very hard working and excellent team in their work.




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As a leading Web Agency, we deliver outstanding and award-winning web work. We have over 5+ years of experience to offer you a creative digital solution for your business growth.

What We Do

To date, we have worked on several landing pages. At the same time, our smart working employees have an outstanding art of understanding the nature of human beings, what kind of design people like in different businesses, and what kind of not. Especially important in landing pages, as landing pages are often used as a lead generation during advertising. Nowadays, most businesses run online, so people prefer to create a website, but people prefer landing pages only when it comes to lead generation or PPC Ads.

The desirable output will achieve from any landing page only if the user intent has been given special attention and tailored while creating the landing page and we strongly believe in user intent. When this project is given to UPSQODE, we first found out about their business, what kind of business they have, and their service type. Mainly we build the landing page according to their business. We built their landing page on the WordPress platform. In addition, we designed it in Figma, and when the landing page was completed, we have optimized it for speed to get a better user experience. To make the landing page more attractive, we have also added the areas where Metro Precision Painting offers its services.

Summary Results

Where it takes two days to create a single web page, it takes three to four days to create a landing page as the landing page has a different significance and is used only for leads and ads. It was a lot of fun working on this project because the field of painting was different for us, and we were interested in learning new things about it. While working on this project, we learned a lot about the painting field. Apart from and this, it was more fun to work because the client was funny talkative.
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