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We all know that we need to exercise to keep our bodies active. But nowadays many people prefer to play a game in the garden instead of going to the gym and exercising. RacquetFlex will help you to keep your body healthy and active. RacquetFlex is a tennis coaching center based in California that teaches you how to play tennis and will also help you if you know how to play tennis and want to go to the next stage. Any coaching center is best only when they have the best coach who can give you step-by-step training. RacquetFlex has sophisticated equipment and talented, experienced coaches, that will help you become the best tennis player even if you are a beginner. They have their own unique modern way of using it to train you. Those people train you in three phases in which in the first phase you are taught the game plane. In the second phase, they will improve your game; at the end in the last phase, they will be focused on your good and bad aspects personally.




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What We Do

RacquetFlex was a very interesting project in which we created a landing page for them. These landing pages were to be used by those people in advertisements for tennis summer vacation camp coaching. Since their website was built in Kajabi, we created a landing page for them in Kajabi. As their landing page will be reached more to the person who likes tennis we’ve designed it accordingly.

When we got the RacquetFlex project like every time we first got together and discussed the project. At the same time, we divided the project into several parts so that we could complete it more effectively. We divided the project into three main parts and the three parts were something like this, one team will get information about the game of tennis, another team will work on the design and the third team will work on its functional requirements. After some limited time, the three teams discussed the project together again and then created three or four mockup designs in the corresponding Photoshop and showed them to the client and he chose the best one to suit them. Then we convert their favorite design into Kajabi Landing Page.

Summary Results

Working on RacquetFlex was not a task for us but a game. We especially liked their design choice. Also, the clients were very good they used to come to us from time to time and clear their requirements so that we could also give them the best landing page. Tennis is a great sport and it was the inspiration for the landing page design as well as we added most of the items in this design according to our client’s opinion so that they get the best landing page for their business.
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