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Riziom is a Referral website for doctors and patients. Riziom is the best example of a manageable UI/UX design. In which they are giving plenty of features for doctors and patients both. Here you can register and find the best doctor near you as per your need. On the other hand, if we talk about a doctor, the doctor has to come here and just register and verify their skills to get as many patients as possible. When it comes to this software’s benefits, with the help of this software, you can find the best doctor in your area according to your need. There are also features to give ratings to the doctor after the treatment to find a good doctor based on the ratings.




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What We Do

Riziom looks so colourful and classy because of the colour combination and UX designing. Let me elaborate more on this. We have such a creative and work-oriented UI/UX designing team; when they received the project, they first do in-depth research on the website’s overall look and design, then they create some samples on paper. As we know, colour combination and UX is essential; therefore, our team makes one sample UI for the client’s approval.

Montserrat font, which gives another view to design. If we talk about the logo, we make two different logos for Riziom; one is for the coloured background and another for the white background. We also used some colour patterns in the logo to make it more attractive and to the niche. To make it look original, we used to make it in high resolution to fit into various devices.

Summary Results

If you observe UI Design, you can see various clipart, icons and symbols to make it catchier. An overall website design is not just about colour combination and designs; content also plays a vital role in any website. Therefore, we also create some valuable content to make the design realistic. After delivering the project, we get valuable feedback from the client. They said your design is delightful, and we will like to work with you on many other projects.