10 Major Advantages of Using React For Web Application

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Dec 19th, 2022
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The need for website development is increasing day to day, at the same time eco system of frontend development is evolving continuously. Due to the launch of new frameworks on daily basis, it has become difficult for business owners to pick up the right framework.

Although a lot of frameworks are available in the market, among them react.js has gained much more popularity in terms of its functionality and features. It is continuously breaking records in the web development space.

Let’s get familiar with react.js.

What is React.js?

React.js is the javascript library, which was released by Facebook in 2013. It’s an open-source js library that is used to build UI components. It is well-known for building simple, efficient, and robust web applications.

It follows the component-based architecture, which maintains the code easily and makes the development easier. The components facility allows the developer to store the codes and reuse them whenever needed.

According to the latest report on stack overflow, react.js is the most lovable framework and stands first in the list of top frontend development frameworks. Not only this, many top brand companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Netflix have included react.js in their software development and that’s why react.js is gaining more popularity as compared to others.

For What React is used?

React.js can be used for both frontend development as well as backend development. Moreover, it is used to develop large-scale applications to load the pages without refreshing. It is used for an application that requires multiple events. It is suitable for mobile applications.

Key benefits of React.js in frontend development

There are lots of react.js advantages, let’s look out the key benefits of react.js for frontend development.

1. Steep Learning Curve :

Most developers like react.js, because it is efficient, flexible, and robust. The most exciting part is that react.js is easier than learning other javascript frameworks, only with the basic knowledge of javascript you can learn react very well.

2. Speed:

React.js allows the developer to use the individual parts of the application on both client-side as well as the server side. It allows the developers to write the individual parts which will not affect the logic of the application and boost the speed of an application.

3. Flexibility:

As compared to other frameworks, react.js is more flexible because of its component structure which in turn saves a huge amount of time and cost to the business.

4. Performance:

React.js offers features of virtual DOM and server-side rendering which helps to make the complex app run fast and improves the performance of an application.

5. Reusability:

Reusability is one of the most important benefits of react.js. It allows the developer to reuse the code which saves the time of writing a code. React.js follows the component-based architecture where the user can store the code and reuse the code whenever required, and It will change only the particular part without affecting the other.

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10 Major Advantages of React.js for Web applications

If you are still wondering which framework to choose, here are some of the best 10 advantages of react.js that can upscale your web application:

Support for JSX:

React.js offers the JSX feature, i.e Javascript XML. It is a simple syntax extension of javascript which allows the developer to directly write the HTML within javascript code. Browser decodes the HTML text to show the user interface, which is done by building DOM trees. React applications are more efficient and faster because of the JSX feature.

Easy to Learn:

React.js is absolutely easy to learn as compared to other frameworks and it is one of the main reasons for its popularity, which helps the business to build their project in lesser time.
As react is easy to learn and start, businesses and big brands have already started working on it.

Rich User Interface:

The user interface plays a crucial role while developing any website. Poor user experience can lower the chance of an application to succeed. So having a rich user interface is very important for a website.
If your website has a high user interface then your application is more likely to be loved by users. React.js allows you to build a such applications through its components which can take your application to the next level.

Easy Maintenance:

Changes are bound to occur in any complex web application and indeed it is a very irritating and lengthy process. But if you are working with react.js, no need to worry at all because react offers one of its excellent features which is called modularity and it is the most valuable advantage of react.js. React allows making changes easily in the small components without affecting others. Coders are also able to reuse the same object whenever needed which saves a huge amount of coding as well as maintenance time.

Fast Rendering:

Defining structure at the beginning of an application is very necessary.DOM indicates a tree structure, which means little changes at any level can cascade throughout the application and that’s why react has introduced virtual DOM to resolve this problem.

Virtual DOM is the virtual representation of DOM, that allows first testing of all changes in the DOM to identify the risk with each modification. This helps to maintain the consistency and performance of an application.

Code Stability:

The tree function plays an important role in maintaining stability. In react, the flow of data is top to bottom which provide stability to your code. Small bugs or changes in the child section won’t make any cause to the parent section. This approach makes the code more stable and fast running.

SEO Friendly:

Search Engine Optimization is a great way to achieve success for an online business. Less page load time and fast rendering as well as a rich user interface highly impact search engine optimization to generate traffic. Thanks to react fast rendering and rich UI features decrease the page load time and which helps the business to secure the rank in google SERPs.

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Large Community Support:

Since it’s released in 2013, react has gained strong community support. Many big companies and brands like Apple, Netflix, and Microsoft have already started using react in their software products. Every day a large number of react developers are working in react to make it a better frontend framework.
Recently react.js has got 136,360 stars on Github and got 13000 regular contributors. According to the latest report, developers state that react.js is the most efficient and friendly working platform

Support for Tools and Libraries:

Working with react.js, developers can have benefit of a huge number of libraries and tools. As react is a package of libraries and tools. Developers can utilize built-in libraries and packages whenever required for the project, they don’t have to rely on third-party libraries.


Not only in performance but react js is also able to test applications. It provides various ways to test the components. React test library has a set of helpers that test the react components without relying on their implementation details which makes it easier to develop test-friendly designs.


Finally, we have come to the end of this blog, we have discussed almost all the advantages of react.js and how you can have the benefit of react.js in your web application. So what you are still looking for?

Go and Hire React.js developers and build your project, React.js won’t make you any loss.


1. What is react?

React is the library of javascript, which is used to build scalable and interactive user – interfaces.

2. What are the advantages of react.js?

  • Benefits of react.js from business owner perspective
  • Cost-effective
  • Rich User Experience
  • Lesser time to develop
  • Seo-friendly
  • Testing-friendly
  • Great performance and productivity

3. When to select react?

Although react.js is suitable for any web application but choose react if you want to have

  • Speed development
  • High productivity
  • Seo-friendly
  • Low-cost maintenance

4. How much does it cost to build an application with react?

The cost of an application depends on its complexity, but however, developing an app with react.js can save your money as well as time because of having reusable components.

5. How much time does it take to build an application with react.js?

If your web application is not more complex then it won’t take much time to develop. As mentioned earlier, development totally depends on the complexity of an application. If your app is having more functionalities and features it will take a little more time than usual

6. Which companies are using react

Many top brand companies like Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, etc are using react.js in their development

7. What kind of application can react.js build?

  • Single web page application
  • Complex user-interface
  • static websites
  • Complex web application

8. How react.js help in business?

As we have already mentioned the advantages of react.js
Let’s have some more benefits:

  • React.js helps you to develop rich user interfaces, which can benefit a lot in your business
  • Being an SEO-friendly react.js allows you to generate more traffic and sales to your site by indexing in a google first page.

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