Best osTicket Themes 2024 ( Free & Responsive )

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Jan 1st, 2024
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A helpdesk system is the first point of contact for customers and employees. The system manages customer-related queries in a very seamless manner. There are several help desk support systems available on the web. But the osTicket help desk system is considered one of the best open-source support tools that effectively manages customer queries.

The tool contains various valuable and extraordinary features. And that is why it has been used by thousands of companies worldwide. osTicket offers comprehensive plugins, themes, and versions as per business requirements. So, today in this blog, we will look at the best osTicket themes for the business and their features.

These osTicket themes will streamline your work and will improve your help desk look. We will look at both free and paid versions of these support systems.

Let’s start the blog and be with us till the end

What are the themes?

The themes are the preset package that contains a graphical appearance and details of various functionalities and features. They usually contain a set of different shapes for controlling the graphical elements and window decoration.

The themes streamline the process of both users and clients. They are used to communicate important ideas, and messages within the system. The theme package includes templates, CSS styles, media content, layout scheme as well and customer area blocks.

the ability of a custom theme in the osTicket helpdesk system makes the tool look 1000 times better now and these themes are even mobile responsive which is again another great functionality of these help desk systems.

So, let’s have a look at some various available tickets that can be beneficial for your business

Benefits of osTicket themes

  • Most of the osTicket themes are available in free versions
  • Gives your website a new and elegant look
  • The osTicket themes are more flexible and can be easily used for different varieties of projects
  • The osTicket themes are easy to use and more user-friendly
  • Keeps updating with enhanced features
  • Compatible with every operating system
  • Responsive in nature, can be used for different devices

Best osTicket themes to Use for the Business

Check out some various osTicket themes available in both paid and free versions.

osTicket Bootstrap theme

osTicket-bootstrap-theme is a library of PHP that is mainly used for the front end. Using these themes, you can modify your user interface according to your needs. The theme has no vulnerabilities, contains a Strong Copyleft Licence, and has low support. Furthermore, the osTicket bootstrap theme is licensed under GPL-2.0. The Copyleft licence enforces sharing and it can be used for creating open-source projects.

Download the osTicket Bootstrap theme from the below link

osTicket Theme – One

The osTicket theme is also known as OSTONE, it is the responsive theme for the client side. The theme is based on the Bootstrap framework and supports every relevant device including mobile, laptops, and many more. The aesthetic design and layout of these themes can blow your mind.

We recommend using the latest version of the OSTONE, as it provides more new features i.e. Core, v1.18, v1.17.4, and v1.17.3 are the various present available versions of osTicket. The latest version has a modern interface, better user experience, and provides better performance. It is also more secure and offers better support for multiple languages.

The theme is responsive and even it can be customized as per the need. You can contact UPSQODE if you want to optimize the theme.

Download the osTicket Theme – link

osTicket – Great Pumpkin theme

This theme is the open-source and stable version of the responsive theme that is “Extended Basic” and the Great Pumpkin is its code name. The osTicket theme is fully compatible with every device and works fine on desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. The theme is so popular and downloaded over 5700 times till now. The theme has the best user interface and can be easily customized as per the business requirements. The theme is easy to use and gives your business an elegant look.

osTicket Awesome Theme

osTicket Awesome is one of the best help-desk support systems available in this tool. It is the responsive theme for both the client and the staff area. The design is fully responsive and works suitably with every device. The interface is easy and beautiful. The functionalities and features of this osTicket Awesome theme are awesome.

The theme has automated methods and no time-outs or reduced workflows. The communications are secure and up-to-date. The authorization features keep your system safe and secure from any malicious attacks. Furthermore, the theme can be easily customized as per the business needs.

osTicket Theme – Two

osTicket theme two can also be called OSTTWO, which is the paid theme of the osTicket support system. This is the responsive theme for the front-end area. The theme is based on the Bootstrap framework and comes with professional interface designs. It is mobile-friendly and easily compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops, notebooks, and many more.

The themes offer various options of designs and make your client side look more appealing. It is recommended to use the newest version of this theme, that is Core, v1.18 the latest version. Furthermore, the theme can be customized easily as per your business demands.

But, Core, v1.18, v1.17.4, v1.17.3 are the versions which are suitable for every device. The design and themes give your system an aesthetic look.

Download the osTicket Theme – link

osTicket – Amper

The Amper is the customized theme version for the client section. The theme follows the Bootstrap framework. Because of the theme, the osTicket client section has a responsive and elegant look. It contains attractive designs and layouts. It is easy to install and customize. It is compatible with all versions of osTicket and all major browsers.

There are various elements present in these themes like the business information section, social media section icons, menus, and many more. You can also customize these sections according to your business.

But, one thing is the admin section of these themes is not customized, it offers limited customization properties. Even more, the theme contains a stylish layout and includes custom sections on the footer to add some other business information.

Download the osTicket Theme – link

osTicket – Kendo

Kendo is an awesome-looking bootstrap theme for the osTicket sites. The theme is based on the Bootstrap framework. The stylish and functional designs give a trendy and decent look to the interface. The smooth and easy interface lets the clients easily communicate and send their requests to the staff. It offers easy installations. The theme is 100% secure and data is end-to-end encrypted.

The theme is regularly updated to keep up with the latest technologies. It is compatible with all major browsers and devices. It is also optimized for speed and performance. One of the best things about this theme is it has a special FAQ search bar on the homepage and the footer section comes with different customizable options. You can add various business data and even add social media buttons to your sites.

Download the osTicket Theme – link

osTicket – staff

The osTicket staff is also known as OSTSTAFF, it is the responsive theme for the osTicket staff side. The theme is based on the bootstrap. is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. The theme also comes with a wide range of customization options, allowing you to look at your website.

The theme offers an aesthetic layout and designs for the staff section. We recommend you use the latest version of the theme as it contains all the features and is supported for all the versions. The various versions like osTicket core, v1.18,v1.17, etc. are its latest versions.

The theme offers the best usage experience and offers elegant user interface for communications

Download the osTicket Theme – One from the given below link

osTicket – stery

The osTicket stery is a lightweight and best responsive theme of this help desk support system. It has the capability to take your support system to the next level and make your site look simple and attractive. The light-weight theme is basically developed for enhancing the client side. It has been completely redesigned to provide your user best user experience.

The theme is easy to install and super easy to use. It can be fully customized as per your business requirements. It is created with Bootstrap, so it offers every functionality of it. It is fully compatible with all modern browsers and devices. The very compatible versions of these themes are v1.15.8, v1.16, v1.16.1, v1.16.2, and v1.16.3. The theme is also optimized for search engines, making it SEO-friendly. It is fully responsive, which makes it look great on any device. It is compatible with any WordPress theme.

osTicket – iFrame

The osTicket iFrame is the responsive theme for the frontend section. The theme is developed using the Bootstrap framework and contains a mobile-friendly interface. It is compatible with every mobile device and screen size. A lot of extensive features and designs take your business look to a new level.

We recommend using the latest version of these features. The latest version of this theme is Core, v1.18. But versions like v1.18, v1.17.4, v1.17.3, etc. are the versions supported for all the devices.
The theme is SEO-Friendly and can be optimized for speed and performance. It contains a large collection of layouts and themes which makes it easy to customize the look and feel of the websites. Furthermore, the theme is regularly updated with new features and improvements.

osTicket – Paris

The osTicket Paris is the responsive theme for enhancing your client section. The stylish and functional design and layout of the themes make your site user-friendly and mobile-responsive. The theme is absolutely easy to install and can be used smoothly. It streamlines your support requests and serves you better.

It makes your dull-looking sites more appealing. The latest version is 1.17, compatible with all the browsers and devices. The theme has several tools and features, that help you to access it smoothly. Furthermore, the theme is updated regularly and developers keep checking over the theme issues and resolve the bugs if found.

The Conclusion

So, here we came to the end of this article. We have mentioned all the popular and most downloaded themes of the osTicket help-desk system. You can go through all and use the best as per your business requirements. Some themes are available for free and paid. All the themes are packed with super tools and features that give an elegant look to your system. You can customize all as per your business requirements. If you want any help-desk customization services, you can contact our UPSQODE team, we can help you to customize the support system as you want.

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