Enterprise SEO – The Comprehensive Guide

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Aug 3rd, 2023
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The world of digital marketing has grown enormously. And with the advancement in algorithms, SEO has changed a lot over time. That is why, it has become tough for the enterprise-level business owner to survive that has been neglecting SEO trends for many years.

Therefore, it has become essential for business owners to have a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy. Because a well-planned strategy can only help you to achieve a targetted audience and improve your brand value.

So, today with this blog we will be discussing the concept of Enterprise SEO and some ways which would help you to strategize your Enterprise SEO effectively.

Before we move ahead, let’s start with the basic definition of Enterprise SEO

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is the large-scale and strategic approach for search engine optimizations. Basically, it is the process of developing a strong SEO strategy that will improve the organic presence and revenue of the larger organization.

It is a type of SEO approach that is conducted on a large scale or a website having thousands of pages in order to attract a huge amount of traffic to different enterprise sites.

Somehow Enterprise SEO differs from Normal SEO in approaches but some techniques are similar like effective content creation, Keyword optimization, and keyword research. The enterprise SEO strategy needs to be scalable so that it can maintain its rankings.

How Does Enterprise SEO differ from Normal SEO?

Enterprise SEO is different from Normal SEO, is the tactics that you are applying for, it needs to be scalable for thousands of web pages. While the same tactics can’t be used for sites having fewer pages. Therefore it is obvious that the strategies that work for thousands of pages might not work for fewer pages.

The other differences are

Enterprise SEO is more complex

Enterprise businesses are usually larger than small businesses. So, their websites are much more complex. That means, more pages and meta descriptions to modify and more content to refresh as well.

Enterprise SEO requires a more strategic approach

Enterprise SEO services require a strategic approach to keyword research, website development, and content development. Various factors contribute to this, including the scale of such projects, technical SEO, and issues related to technology.

Enterprise SEO takes a long time to give results

As enterprise websites are typical and larger, they are more complex. These websites can take a longer time to see results as compared to normal websites. Even, it can take months or even years to get results from Enterprise SEO strategy.

There are plenty of other variables which can affect the results of Enterprise SEO like the keywords you are targeting, Competitors, Existing content, etc. These factors can affect the ranking of a website too.

Why is Enterprise SEO Important?

Enterprise SEO is important because enterprise websites are heavier in size and the strategies that work for smaller businesses do not work for larger ones. One of the important benefits of this business is the smaller ones don’t target high competition and short keywords while larger ones target those.

Larger companies do not have time to keep track of everything itself, which is why they will require someone to manage their SEO tasks. Moreover, Performing SEO on large businesses is more complicated than small business SEO. That is why they will require a specialized SEO team to keep track of and maintain organic rankings. At smaller companies, the person in charge of SEO is usually the content writer and also in charge of handling social media.

Whenever you are targeting more keywords and high competitors, and have thousands of pages on your site, you will require a dedicated SEO team who can work for you in all.

A lot of companies make use of SEO reporting tools which makes their work easier and reduces the bandwidth by generating reports. These tools are able to track the vast number of keywords across multiple locations, build a backlink profile, and make sure that your website is free from any technical and crawling errors.

The larger company usually has great brand authority. That means you cannot determine the brand authority by deleting or redirecting pages that have acquired backlinks and high page authority. For this, you need to keep your content up-to-date. So, you can think now the larger company has a lot of hard work to do, to maintain everything in its place.

Must Apply Enterprise SEO Strategies

Enterprise SEO services must need to be sophisticated, smarter, and scalable. Now, look at some strategies that you should apply for Enterprise SEO. We are sure, these strategies are 100% proven and will strengthen your Enterprise level SEO campaign.

Create Quality Content

We always say that “Content is the KING”, and search engines always look out for the quality of the content. Therefore, it is important to invest time in creating the best and most relevant content. As it is one of the most important components of your site.

On an Enterprise level, you need to create the unique and best content, and target relevant keywords for ranking or you can handover to your Content creation team as well.

The Enterprise SEO will choose the targetted keywords and give writers guidelines on making the competitive post by including the keywords. They can even guide you about the secondary keywords and where to put them.

So, for Enterprise level content creation, you will need a dedicated team who can create powerful content for you and also do keyword research.

Maintain Page Speed

It is one of the most important technical elements and it becomes more complex for the larger site.

At first, for determining the page speed, you will require a tool like “Page Speed Insights” which will help you to see how quickly your page loads.

Heavier images can affect your page speed, so for improving it, you can compress the images, and reduce redirects and cache web pages.

Refresh Old Content, But Protect Domain Authority and Backlinks

The main challenge for Enterprise SEO is to keep the content up to date with the time. As the website content has a large number of pages, it seems difficult to manage and update each and every individual page content.

But you don’t have to rewrite the whole content because you might lose your page authority and backlinks. Instead, you can improvise your content by adding some more lines and a little bit of information without taking away secondary keywords you are ranking for.

In an enterprise company, refreshing content is a delicate process. Because it also needs to remain scalable to your SEO team to find the pages that need to be updated and see what would make them more competitive. The ultimate goal of enterprise SEO is to make the process scalable.

Best Keywords Selection

Keyword selection is one of the most difficult tasks to perform. Because you get plenty of options and that makes you confused about what to choose or not. That is why you need a comprehensive SEO team who can make this process simple for you. Because they have the expertise and can conduct regular keyword research and find out new topics for the blogs

Take care of Technical SEO

Besides Page speed, there are other technical elements available, that your enterprise SEO team will require to manage compulsory. Your SEO team requires scalable processes like 301 redirects, eliminating technical issues which can affect crawlability.

Link Building

Link Buiding is an essential element of Off-page optimizations. Or it can be said, Off page is all about link building. But on an enterprise level, it becomes complex.

Backlinks can generate organic traffic for your website. Link building is simply the process of getting links from authoritative sites. It increases your page and domain authority both. You can find out authoritative sites and can submit your articles there.

Develops Templates for your Pages

Creating new pages, again and again, can be real trouble. So, you can just ask your team to create a template for your site. So that your developers can replicate it again and again. It can save time and resources.

Benefits of Enterprise SEO

Although there are plenty of benefits for SEO, enterprise SEO can benefit you beyond your expectations. So, let’s have a look

Highly Targets Local Marketing

Local searches growing continuos. The majority of the searches are coming from mobile devices which make up 50% of all search queries. Businesses that focus on the local markets have an advantage in organic search results.

The enterprise to make it complete locally, it first needs to be connected with the local clients first. Local SEO strategies will help to connect the brand’s goals with the local market and create demand for highly targeted marketing efforts.

Create Influential Partnership

For creating new opportunities, enterprises need to get connect with the humans behind them. SEO strategies promote brand messages to trust and build relationships.

Builds Authority

Getting links from reputable and authoritative websites adds credibility to businesses and makes them an enterprise. More the relevant link, the more your business gets credibility. Businesses that rank higher on the search engine are considered high-quality and trustworthy. This boosts the credibility of your business and builds authority.

Remember that, backlinks from authoritative websites can boost both your SERP ranking and customer reach.

Increase Visibility

No matter, how good your product or service is or how much you have invested in it, if people can’t find your site, all your hard work will float. If your site does not show up on the Google search, no one will be able to find you. One of the main benefits of Enterprise SEO is increased visibility and customer reach.

An enterprise focussed solution ensures the appropriate content at every stage. Content and target audience may vary, depending on the services you provide. But Enterprise focussed solutions make sure of delivering appropriate content at every stage so that you can achieve the relevant customers.

Increased ROI

Although, there are different benefits of Enterprise SEO services, one of the major benefits is Increased ROI. It makes businesses maximize their return on investments. Businesses achieve their targetted ROI, by improving their website’s search and visibility. This way industries can get traffic and conversions. Moreover, these things can even increase your brand awareness and the online reputation of your business.


Every business wants to earn a profit on minimum investments. Therefore Enterprise SEO is the most cost-effective option to better your website’s visibility and rankings. By hiring an experienced SEO team, you can minimize the extra cost of achieving ranking. And these services offer more comprehensive coverage than smaller SEO firms, so you can make sure that, all weak points of your website will be covered.


Implementing SEO enterprise services, helps businesses to focus on their own business goals and tasks, instead of handling search engine optimization. These services are reliable and affordable and one of the best choices for the business.

Best Practices to Implement Enterprise SEO

It is important to implement some best SEO practices in your Enterprise SEO strategy, to increase its efficiency. So, we have detailed some elements, which you can apply in your Search engine optimization strategy. Read below

  • First, you should design a complete and clear enterprise SEO strategy in such a way, that it meets the business’s unique needs.
  • Create high-quality content. Focus on the quality of content, not on words. Drive audiences including video, graphics, or images.
  • Optimize your content for various search engines by including keywords, meta-descriptions, blogs, website content, title, and URLs.
    Update your existing content with the latest research and trends or you can optimize content with new keywords too.
  • Always keep track of competitor analysis and apply your tactics accordingly.
  • Post your content regularly. Make sure that your content addresses user intent and always put actionable articles which can put readers into action.
  • Tracking continually and making changes as per the requirements is a vital factor for any business.

What Agencies can do to Scale – up their SEO Strategy for Enterprises?

With the passing days, SEO has become more complex and complicated. Every day it comes with some new techniques. Therefore, it is quite difficult to cope with the changes. However, it might be challenging, but not impossible, therefore today we will share some SEO tips for the agencies to scale up their SEO Strategy for Enterprises.

Understand the Client’s Business Thoroughly

Before you start your planning your SEO strategy, you should have a deep understanding of your client’s business. You must have knowledge of their goals and whom they are targeting. Make sure about their competitors. The more you know, the more it will be helpful in your strategic plan.

Keep up with the latest trends and Best Practices

The most important thing while scaling up an SEO strategy is to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. It includes everything from knowledge of algorithms to current customer behaviors. Keeping up with industry trends allows agencies to make sure their clients’ campaigns are always on point.

Develop Customized Solutions

The other point of success for scaling up an SEO enterprise is developing customized solutions as per the client’s requirements. For example, some clients may benefit from content optimization and ongoing content while some might benefit from the fresh content strategy. So focus on new keywords and write articles with the buyer’s intent.

Ensure You have additional staff

Remember that, you are not dealing with a site with fewer pages. Enterprise websites have a large number of pages, it is difficult to handle with the limited team resource. Enterprise SEO websites require daily updating, monitoring, and updating.

Test Your Experience Level

Enterprise-level SEO is not meant for any start-ups and smaller agencies. It’s an industrial-level heavy site. Therefore before heading over the enterprise SEO challenge, it is important to evaluate your and your team’s experience

Get a Special SEO team on Board

If you have not got any special team for optimizing and monitoring your client’s websites. And if you are not getting any idea, then our UPSQODE team will be happy to help you in your journey.

Enterprise SEO Examples


GitHub has 81 million pages on the site. And the best part is it ranks on Google for over 80,000 keywords. That means, the company is able to manage the site in bulk and focus on maintaining old pages and still earning links to maintain the ranking.


Microsoft is a big enterprise company that has over 8 million pages on its site. It has several varying products, that make the company ranks on the first page with over 1 million keywords.

The major difficulty with Microsoft is that the team is targetting different types of keywords because of the variety of products. That is why, they need to protect their domain authority across several industries.

The Final Thought

Enterprise SEO is the future of large organizations. To protect current domain authority and backlink while maintaining the content of thousands of pages. You will require a comprehensive and sophisticated team of SEO experts.

It means the Enterprise SEO team will focus on enhancing the content, gathering backlinks as well as maintaining domain authority. As your site has more pages, it will be more difficult to manage it. Our SEO agency helps brands to significantly scale their SEO program and we help companies to identify, execute and measure all the areas which are required for improvements.


Here are some random questions, people ask about Enterprise SEO

How does Enterprise SEO different from other SEO ?

Enterprise SEO is a strategy that is used by large organizations. It deals with thousands or even more than that, pages to optimize. Therefore it requires a different and more scalable approach than a normal SEO strategy.

What is the main difference between SEO and Enterprise SEO?

The major difference between Normal SEO and Enterprise SEO is the “scale”. The difference is, we need to optimize a few pages on a single site, and for an enterprise SEO, you need to optimize thousands of pages.

Why should I Invest in Enterprise SEO services?

Enterprise SEO allows you to increase your ROI on a scale. Enterprise SEO can have a 120% growth of traffic in a year if it gets the right platform.

How to succeed in an Enterprise SEO?

One thing you should remember is that the content is for the people. Therefore you should do different things that people could search for. So, be useful, be relevant, and show your expertise to work with potential customers.

What are the benefits of Enterprise SEO?

The major benefit of Enterprise SEO is that it reduces the manual work including scaling across multiple pages and websites by automotive tasks. This allows the customers to focus on other strategies that require.

Is Enterprise SEO necessary?

Enterprise SEO is necessary because the strategies that work for smaller businesses won’t work for larger businesses. The main strategic difference is small businesses usually not targeting highly competitive, short-tail keywords while large enterprise-level organizations are.

How do I know if I need Enterprise SEO?

As per the surveyed organization report, 90% of people say SEO is must needed process for any organization. If one of your primary requirements is improving your organic search presence and your site have thousands of pages supported by content. Then you probably need enterprise SEO to help and scale your efforts.

What are Enterprise SEO Tools?

Enterprise SEO tools are an all-in-one solution that combines support for keyword research, technical site audits, content optimization, backlink management, and competitor analysis and provides a comprehensive view of the current performance which helps to make decisions about improving web rankings and marketing.

How do you develop Enterprise SEO Strategy?

Developing an enterprise SEO strategy begins with the qualitative and quantitative data informed by your organization’s marketing strategy for competitive analysis and industry best practices.

How long does it take to get Enterprise SEO results?

Organic results can take several months depending upon the strategies you have implemented and also on the frequency of site crawling. Based on these strategies, you can estimate the results.

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