An Estimate Cost For Web Application Development in 2024

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Jan 1st, 2024
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As the world of social media is trending day by day, every small or large business are having benefits from it, due to the presence of their business on various social media platforms. Therefore Digital business (web application) can have a wonderful impact on your business because you can earn in two ways online or offline. An efficient web application can let you achieve high standards and quality customers.

So the question that often comes to your mind is, how much does it cost to build a Web App? Which is better a mobile application or a web application? So don’t worry you are in the right place, you will get all the answers regarding Web application development costs, keep reading this blog ahead.

Why Build a Web Application?

Today’s people are adapting the digital platform to shop rather than visiting different places. For e.g Simply look at the E-commerce sites, today there are plenty of e-commerce websites available, and their market is continuously rising because of their customers, which means people like to shop more in online marketing because they get a lot of varieties in single applications. That’s the reason Amazon, and Flipkart are the top e-commerce brands. Not only in e-commerce there are a lot of other Web-based application categories like media, travel, health care, groceries, etc are continuously earning profit from online platforms.

Web applications can have an enormous impact on your business. The web application can take your business to a higher level and also helps you to create your own brand. It helps the business to achieve the target and get customers easily. It’s a great feeling to have your business on every device. So if you are willing to have a digital presence on your website then it’s the right time to build an application.

When it is appropriate to build a Web App?

There is no prominent time to build a web application, it’s all up to you. But if you want to get customers from different locations or want to earn more profit, then you can think of a web application.

Let’s look out for some benefits of web applications in your business:

1. Cost-effective

Web applications are not more costly, actually, Web App cost depends upon their complexity if you want a simple app with simple features then the cost will be minimal.

2. Online presence

Web App development can make your online business presence as it will run on every device or you can do marketing of your brands and products through different social media platforms.

3. Helps to make your own brand

Web development helps to create your own brand because customers will engage through your website.

4. Get customers

It helps you to get reliable and lifetime customers

5. Applications are easy to use

Web applications are not so complex, you can easily access their features and functionalities with a single click.

6. No need for regular updates

Applications are always up-to-date, not require daily updates

7. 24/7 Accessibility

The web application doesn’t need to close the shutter because it is 24/7 available, you can easily access it 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

8. Easily Customizable and scalable

Web applications are highly customizable, you can easily add features and functionalities whenever needed

Which is better Mobile Application or Web Application?

Web applications and Mobile applications both are the same, and both are designed for the user’s needs to perform specific functions but there is a little significant difference between them. A web application is a program delivered over the Internet by a browser that is stored on a remote server and easily accessible. While Mobile applications are not directly delivered through the remote server, and it needs to be downloaded via a separate app, which installs on the phone. A mobile application can be accessed online or offline once it is downloaded.
So the question is which is a better mobile application or web application for business, there is only a signification difference between mobile apps and web apps.

Let’s look out the difference between Web app development and Mobile app development

Website Application Mobile Application
Website application is an application program that is available on remote servers  Mobile application is an application program, which is available on various app stores (play store) and needs to be installed 
Website applications are available online  Once mobile apps are downloaded, they can be accessed online as well as offline 
They are mainly designed to run on web browsers. They are mainly designed to run on devices like smartphones, tablets, or other touch screen device
Provides more functionality and features as compared to the mobile application.  Comparatively provides limited functionality and features.
A Web application can be developed by a single developer or a development team  A mobile application building needs two types of coding, server-side like python, java or client-side like javascript, CSS.
Web applications are responsive in nature, so they can be accessed through smartphones too. Mobile applications are too responsive, but they are bound only to devices.
Web sites are easily accessible to all with an internet connection  Mobile applications access is limited to only people having devices 
Web applications are cost-effective and have low maintenance costs  Mobile app development cost is high as compared to web applications 
Provides fewer customization features Provides easy customization 


Types of Web Application

If you are thinking to level up your business with a touch of a web application then you should be aware of its types. There are three main types of web application 1) Single page web application 2) Multiple page web application 3) Progressive web application

Single Page Web Application

A single page application is a web page application that works with only one page which means it is built with the single page, it only updates the content of its body. Clicking a button does not load any page only refreshes its contents Some examples of single-page applications are Gmail, Netflix, Pinterest, Google Maps, Paypal, etc.

Multiple Page Web Application

As its name tells, it supports multiple pages means a web application is built with multiple pages. It loads a new page, when you process any request on the button. E-learning sites, E-commerce Web Applications, and many other platforms are based on multi-page applications.

Progressive Web Application

Progressive web application operates like mobile applications, it takes the benefit of native mobile app features. It permits you to access the content of the app using a mobile browser without downloading app through the play store. Some famous progressive web app platforms are Starbucks, Uber, Makemytrip, etc.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Web Application

There are various factors that influence Web App development cost, so even a large, experienced Web App development company may not be able to tell you the exact cost of Web Application development.

We’ll find out how app development costs are influenced by the following factors

Type of a Web Application

While developing any web application, type is one of the important factors to consider because web development offers many solutions and it consists of various types as well, like e-commerce web development is completely different from the healthcare system, because both systems have different types, and they are built to perform different functionalities. While developing a blog, you need a content management system i.e WordPress, and if you have some distinct business model then it requires customized development where the developer had to code everything initially.

Scope of Work

Scope of the work is the second most important factor to consider because to estimate the Web App cost, you need to look out for its functionalities your web application can be as simple as a Hotel Management System or can be as complex as multimedia streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video. So app development cost hugely depends on its complexity because a simple Web-based Application doesn’t require many functionalities but a complex Web Application that requires API, databases, and mobile compatibility will take more time to develop and that will impact the Web Application cost.

If you are building a Web App from scratch, then you have to go through the various web development process like

Discovery Process

The first step before building a Web App is to meet with your business analyst and discuss your expectations and requirements. You have to define all technical requirements of your model as per your timeframe and budget. During this process, you will also get the prototype of the model, assuring your requirements to meet your business model.


In this phase, you need to discuss the design of a Web app i.e user interface, to reach the target audience.

MVP Development

This is the stage where your actual development starts, the developer starts his development by understanding your business goal and implementing your requirements in the products. Both frontend and backend development begins at this stage.

Testing & Maintenance

This is the final process after development, in this process, the product is tested to check out its functionalities and examines whether it is meeting the client’s requirements or not.

No of Website Pages

A Web Application can have a single page or thousands of pages. Each page is built to perform different functionalities, therefore, the cost of an app also depends on its number of pages.

Complexity of UI/UX Designs

An app’s final cost depends on its design, animations, additional features, and more. The UI of the app must not be filled with extra components, it must be unique and attractive and it should work smoothly. In order to maintain this, both developer and designer need time which impacts the cost.

Web Application Development Location

We know that building Web applications is a labour-intensive process. It means that hiring a developer from a specific location directly impacts the cost of developing a web application. If your team is from a high-developed country like the USA, UK, or Canada, your web development costs will be higher. Hiring skilled developers from Asian countries is the most cost-effective solution.


SEO stands for search engine optimisations, after your web development. If you want to rank your site in various search engine result queries, it can be implemented by SEO. An SEO expert will optimize your site, will help to position your site on google or various search engines. SEO can leads you to generate business sales and profits, or it can increase visitors to a website. SEO is an additional factor, it is up to you, if you want your site to rank on google or want to acquire sales you should definitely go for SEO.

Estimate Cost For Web Application Development

However cost of developing an Web app depends on its complexity and functionalities. Since there are multiple types of web application, so it’s complexity vary from one to another which leads to the variation in costs.

Here As per our Experience, we have calculated the approximate cost of an application in terms of its types and complexity

Simple Web Applications

Simple application is consist of simple pages and easy functionalities, which won’t require more time to build. So its approximate cost will be comparatively minimum.
The cost of Simple Web Application development will be $12000 – $45000

Medium Web Applications

This Web applications are level up than simple applications, it will require interactive pages as well as lot of content which takes time to build. So its approximate cost will be little higher than simple Web Apps
The cost of Medium Web Apps development will be $60000 – $1,50,000

Complex Web Applications

Complex applications take more time to build, as it needs custom development which required a high level of design and functionalities. It may require 6 months to work
The cost of Complex Web development will be $60,000 – $2,50,000


So As per our best knowledge, we have provided the estimated cost and factors influencing the cost of app development. Hope you will get a rough idea of the cost of an app which might help you in your development process.

If you have any business model ideas, then feel free to ask us. We would like to help you in every possible manner.

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