8 Web Development Trends 2024 – You Must Know

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Jan 1st, 2024
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Developing web applications for business is mandatory for Digital growth, so if you are willing for your business’s web application you should be aware of the latest web development technology trends which are continuously evolving in the tech era.

As there are a number of websites serving for same purposes available in the market and that’s why maintaining uniqueness becomes a challenging task because of the growing web development trends and technologies.

Building an attractive website has the capability to get more customers and acquire higher sales. So today we will look at the top 8 web development trends for 2024, which can create a unique impact on your business website.

Progressive Web Applications

The progressive web application is not a new trend in web development but still, it is worth building this kind of web application now. PWA is the type of application built using technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript delivered over the internet. It takes the combined advantages of Web Apps and Mobile Apps. Progressive Web Apps help the website to load in minimal time and also allow it to work offline. The most famous progressive web apps like Google Maps, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Why Progressive web apps are trending topic for web development?

Because as per the latest study, mobile devices have gathered up 55% of total internet traffic with the increased usage of smartphones, and tablets to perform various online tasks. According to statistics, it is predicted that this rate will increase up to 75% by 2024.

PWA offers other benefits like minimal development cost, flawless user interface, minimal maintenance cost, etc.
Companies Using PWA are :

Forbes, a famous media company, has shifted to progressive web development for new mobile experiences in order to improve its loading times.

Flipkart the biggest E-commerce store in India, is using native PWA, which allows their customer to have instant access to their store.

The Weather
It is a weather forecasting company, which provides real-time updates on weather, and has acquired 80% of more profit after using progressive web development technologies.

Single Page Application

Single Page Application is considered to be one of the latest trends in the web development era. SPA‘s are created using javascript which loads only a single page and updates its content dynamically whenever needed, without refreshing pages. Most software development and branded companies are widely adopting single-page applications to improve their loading times like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Single page applications offer benefits like minimal loading time, cost-effectiveness as it needs to work with a single page, smooth navigation, etc. Though customer demands a smooth and faster user interface, the single-page application is more likely to grow in the upcoming future too.

List of some big companies using single-page applications

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Gmail
  • Netflix
  • Twitter
  • Jira
  • LinkedIn
  • PayPal

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google introduced the AMP pages trend in 2015, it was developed to improve the performance of web pages on mobile devices and provide lightning-fast experiences to mobile users. Amp pages also decrease the bounce rate, by providing smooth user experiences.

AMP website has the capability to increase website visibility and acquire a higher ranking in SERPs.

AMP pages offer benefits like reduces loading time, faster user experience, reduce bounce rates, increases ad views as well as it has the capability to increase conversion rate. So from an SEO perspective, amp pages in the website can have a huge impact on your ranking factors. If you are willing to acquire a higher ranking on google, the amp is the best trend to apply.

As of now, amp technologies have been used in over 45% of the website worldwide.

AI Chatbots System

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is one of the impressive trends in web development. The developers have adapted AI technology as it has the facility of having a virtual assistant that helps the site’s visitors 24/7.

AI Chatbot is a human-like robot system that communicates with site visitors in natural language and assists them in every aspect. These chatbots are trained to perform human-like conversations through a process called Natural Language Processing (NLP). Conversation with chatbots feels as if you are communicating with humans but actually you are talking with robots, isn’t it an interesting trend? AI is not only powerful in chatbots but there have been various innovations through AI. So it is possible that the future of AI will be very impressive and full of innovations.

Currently, many big companies are working in AI, and many websites are enabling chatbot systems to assist their customers 24/7 by answering their queries. They are also able to take orders.

Big companies that enable chatbots in their systems are

  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Facebook Messenger Platform
  • Apple Watch

Voice Search Technique

Voice Search Technique is the latest web development technology, that you can’t skip. It saves time typing.

The Voice Search Technique allows the users to search their desired query with the help of voice rather than typing. It’s an AI technology that works through Automated Speech Recognition(ASR) that transforms speech into text.

As per the latest report, 30% of all searches will be conducted through voice screens and 65% of all equipment will have its own voice assistants. So surely it’s a huge upcoming trend that will dominate the typing search.

Alexa, Siri, OK Google, etc are famous applications of voice search techniques and currently, many e-commerce sites are also enabling voice search.

API Development

API stands for Application Programming Interface and acts as an interface between two software.

So Why it is needed?

API was introduced when the need of connecting external applications with the existing application had increased, API significantly transfers the request between two applications, and almost every well-prepared complex mobile/web application needs APIs to perform designed functions.

API in business offers benefits for business’s digital growth it promotes flexibility, agility, and innovation.
It improves the user experience as they are highly customizable as per specific requirements.
It decreases operational costs.

Server-Less Architecture

The invention of cloud-based architecture has dominated the need for server-side rendering. Serverless architecture allows the developer to focus only on code, instead of managing the underlying architecture. It enables the developer to write and deploy code on cloud-based architecture within a few hours.

AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and IBM OpenWhisk are famous examples of Serverless architecture and gained a lot of profit after adopting this architecture.
serverless architecture reduces development costs and enables high app flexibility and scalability.

Dark Mode Optimization

As per the latest search, dark mode theme is more liked by people, and light color and dark theme websites have gained the limelight. so it’s the latest web development trend, which should be followed for sure because 8 to 9 out of 10 people prefer a dark user interface when possible.

Many famous applications like facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have already implemented the feature of dark theme, which allows the user to select the application theme as per their requirement.

Dark mode offers a huge number of benefits like it reduces battery consumption i.e about 60% of the battery can be saved as compared to the light mode

During low light conditions, this feature reduces eye tensity while reading or using any app.
It is accessible to everyone because it is in dark mode, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted.

Let’s have a look at the list of popular web development technologies to follow the web development trends.

Let’s have a look at the list of popular web development technologies to follow the web development trends.
If you want to go with the trends in web development, then you must use these technologies in your website development to implement the advanced features

  • Angular
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Spring.js
  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Laravel


So above these are the most trending web development trends, and every small or large business is following these trends to stand their business. If you want to make a website according to the web development trend, you will need a Hire Developer who Knows this thing.

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