White Label SEO – An In-depth Guide

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Oct 3rd, 2023
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Today, the market is fully moving toward digital to earn double profit. This has increased the level of competition among the online businesses. And, every business owner prioritizes SEO to make their site ahead of their competitors. But, somehow SEO is a long-term process and costlier and that is why, it’s not possible to afford all SEO services providers every time. Then what to do?

What if we say?, there is one way in Search Engine Optimization, where you can make your site on top in an affordable way? Yes, many of us don’t know “White Label SEO services “, but its demand has been rising with the passing days. There are a lot of benefits in White Label SEO where you can only pay for those services you want.

So, here in this piece of article, we will gonna talk about “White Label SEO”, what it exactly does, why businesses should hire as well as its pros and cons.

Stay tuned with this article till the end, and explore something new with us

What is White Label SEO? How Does it work?

White Label SEO is similar to outsourcing, where a company hires some other company that offers SEO services. These agencies build and execute their marketing plan on their behalf. The company doesn’t have a particular SEO agency, they just outsource the other service providers.

It saves both your time and money. Because if you do SEO on your own, it would consume your time and money. Rather, you will need to hire an SEO expert, which is again expensive. But White Label agencies cut off the extra time and cost and deliver you adequate results.

Simply, White label SEO agencies are in partnership with other companies and provide SEO services under their partner brand.

The main company provides information and requirements of clients to their white-label agency partners. Then, they conduct a thorough audit of their site, carry out essential steps like keyword research, and backlink analysis, study out competitors, and discover all the things needed for the site improvement.

Now, this agency builds up an SEO strategy and starts executing it by working on content modification, and backlink creation as well as improving the technical elements of the webpage.

Then, they will provide a monthly report of all the tasks to their company. All these things will be done on behalf of the main company branding.

White Label SEO Process

White Label SEO process works on the following steps, let’s have a look :


The agency will ensure to have a smooth transaction. In this step, you have to provide all your campaign details and the requirements of your site. Here, you will get to know the details of the package that the company offers.


Here, the company will study your requirements and decides the best package that can meet the client’s need

Profit Margin

After finalizing services and products, now you are set up to decide the pricing that meets your profit margin. This way, the company gives you the best pricing that will suit your budget.


Now your campaign will be scheduled and your project managers will decide the timeline of your campaign. Initially, they will run a new campaign at least for a month.

Campaign Directories

Here, your White label SEO agency will strengthen the goal of your projects and enhances your campaign to boost its performance.

What does White Label SEO provider do for You?

White-label SEO service providers deliver SEO experts to offer search engine optimization services on behalf of another company.

These providers have expertise in all kinds of services including content-writing, on-page, off-page, as well as in technical areas. The white-label firm determines all your requirements and goals and then recommends the best plan that matches your need and then take all possible efforts to deliver you the best results.

Whether white-label partners or particular SEO agencies, they have to go through the basic SEO fundaments. Have a look: –

Keywords Research

Keyword Optimization is the main element of SEO. Therefore, white-label SEO providers will perform comprehensive keyword research and determine the keyword that matches your project and user intent.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO optimization delivers the insights of your website to the crawlers, so that bots can understand your site’s motive and reaches the relevant people. Similarly, white-label SEO agencies optimize the on-page elements of your website like tags, headings, meta-tags, descriptions, etc to improve the performance of your website.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page is done externally. Its main motive is to increase the authority of your site. The providers are experts in link-building, maintaining public relationships, guest posting, etc that boost the search engine ranking.

SEO Reports

Reports are essential to check whether your site performing well or not. Providers offer monthly reports of the running campaign and suggest tips to enhance the growth.

Why White Label SEO is Important?

Running a business along with SEO is a long ongoing complicated process. Without prior knowledge, you will be in a mess. Because you and your team have to handle a lot of tasks. Therefore, you will require an SEO expert, who can manage everything for you.

Although Search engine optimization is a complex process, that is why it is better to hire white-label SEO agencies for fulfilling your website needs.

White-label SEO agencies work similarly to other normal agencies. They also aim to deliver organic results to their clients by boosting their search engine ranking. Additionally, these service providers make the website more scalable. As these agencies have experience in working with clients of different industries, they have a better understanding of search engine algorithms.

Moreover, white-label firms save time and resources as compared to other normal SEO agencies. They add your business to different directories so that it becomes more visible on the web.

Why should Company Prefer White Label SEO Services?

White-label SEO services are a great alternative if the company is a start-up and could not afford any in-house team of experts. If you are running a business that facilitates PPC campaigns, and advertisement services, you can definitely partner with white label.

White-label Services add value to your business and make it more effective for other marketing needs. The provider can take care of all your SEO services and lets you focus on your other business requirements.

Moreover, it’s better to prefer white-label SEO services rather than building an in-house SEO team as it is expensive. Because, when you build an in-house team, you have to hire employees on a salary basis plus you have to buy tools and subscriptions which is again another expense. That‘s the reason white-label industries are good to go and you have to pay for those services only, that your client demands.

Benefits of White Label SEO Services vs In-House SEO Professionals

White label agencies are good, but what about developing an in-house team? Would it be worth spending 50k and developing an in-house team? Well, let’s differentiate between them and find out the best.

When to go for an in-house team?

When you are having a sufficient team and have good SEO-related business. And, your experts are capable to bring 50k/month traffic to your site. Then you can build an in-house SEO team. But, if you are running a small business, and not having enough resources, then it’s better to approach white-label agencies.

It has two benefits, you can get marketing services on behalf of your brand and can cut off the extra time and resources. But ultimately, it can give you more benefits than these, check out

Supports you Economically

As we said, partnering with white-label agencies is a cost-effective option. It is even more beneficial than hiring a professional employee. It can help you to start small and reach upto bigger clients

Add more clients and scale your business easily

You can enhance your business by hiring new clients. It might overhead your expense, but white label agencies constantly hire new talent for their business. So, you do not need to worry about that. This way you can scale your business by adding more employee.

Saves unnecessary expense with respect to Employee Training

When you hire an employee on a beginner level or the client wants to learn something new, you need to give him proper in-house training. That might result in extra expenses. But when you deal with White label SEO agencies, you don’t need to worry about anything, because their employee constantly learns new things and as they have experience in working with different industries, it becomes easier for them to explore something new.

Get the benefit of Pre-developed and Proven Strategies

As white label SEO agencies have worked with different industries, they have knowledge of working on various projects. That means they have proven and pre-developed strategies which deliver optimal results to their clients. Their proven strategies have experience in working with different clients and partners. And, if you are a beginner, it will take a lot of time to develop such strategies. In this way, white-label agencies gives more impact than in-house hiring.

Benefits of White Label SEO Services

White-label SEO service providers might vary in their services, one might offer link-building services or the other might offer on-site optimization, technical optimization, etc. This way, your benefits also vary from service to service. There are various benefits of SEO white-label services. Let’s look out for some.

Cost – Effective than hiring an in-house team

Approaching white-label SEO agents reduces your overhead expense. Because building an in-house team can be difficult to afford and maintain. If you outsource SEO services, you just have to pay only for the services you need, this way it reduces the cost of overall services. SEO requires a lot of expensive tools for analysis, and you have to make note of this also while hiring an in-house team.

Overall, outsourcing while label providers saves you both time and money and even it reduces your stress because you get to deal with the experts.

Get the Expert Service

When you hire a white label SEO firm, you get the benefits of experts with experience working in different industries. Their expertise provides magical benefits to your business. SEO is a very critical field, you always need to be attentive while implementing small things, because a little mistake can affect your ranking. And, if you choose the correct partner, you get adequate results.

Lets You Focus on Your Business

Especially, small businesses can leverage the benefits of outsourcing service providers because of having limited resources. Hiring white-label agents lets you focus on the other aspects of the business and this increases the chances of earning double revenue. Furthermore, you can even sell your services to your clients on behalf of your own brand.

Implement Complicated Off-site SEO Tactics

As said, Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process, a little mistake can negatively affect your SE ranking. Only a perfect expert can give you the best solution as they are skilled with proven SEO techniques. SEO reseller services enable you to be attentive to your business’s core requirements and give you the time to make sales, build relationships, and strengths, and uplift your business.

Drives Organic Traffic for Your Client’s Business

Search Engine Optimization is a long-run program, which means if you want to remain in the game, you have to keep yourself updated every time. That is why, you have to hire an expert SEO white-label seller team rather than hiring any individual specialists. Their experience and expertise let your business drive organic visitors to your client’s business. In fact, 61% of people has found SEO more effective.

Cuts the Expenses of Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is the costlier option and even it does not provide any permanent results. Like, Google Ads, a PPC campaign will run your business campaign as soon as your budget is full, once your budget runs out, ads will drop. But SEO generates only organic results. It believes in permanent results. Moreover, it promotes your business 24/7 for free.

When you assist a white-label firm, their goal is to drive organic results to your business and converts your visitors into paying customers.

Drawbacks of White Label SEO Services

Everything in the world has two sides positive and negative. And, we need to accept everything. No doubt white label gives you many benefits, but there are also some negative sides. Let’s have a look.

Decreases Quality Control

Because of internal control with the partnerships, some clients find it ineffective to deal with white-label SEO agencies. You don’t get the idea of the processes they are using to evaluate your business. Therefore, it becomes difficult to trust those agents.

Thus, we advise you to choose the best white-label agency like UPSQODE to stay in touch. Because dealing with an unauthorized agency can put you in trouble. You might struggle, with finding the type of work they are using on your business to be known.


Not all white-label SEO firms are reliable. They are not transparent, hard to determine the best SEO practices they are applying to your business. Whether they are using any illegal tactics that might work against guidelines.

Getting Low-Quality Works

In order to save time and money, some white-label companies deliver low-quality links. Thus, it is necessary to hire only reputable agencies with good work reports. We advise you, before hiring first of all get an idea of their clients and examine their portfolios.

White Label SEO Pricing Model

The white label pricing model depends upon various factors, and it varies from the provider. So, first, just check out the provider and its services, then decide the plan that suits your budget.

Monthly Packages

You can hire white-label service providers on a monthly basis, like on a contract of 12 or 6 months. And, you can receive the same type of work and the product. The monthly rate of white label services is $3000 to $5000.

Hourly Packages

You can even hire SEO while labeling agencies on an hourly basis like freelancers and consultants. The average hourly rate of such services is $144.99.

Project-based Pricing

Various white-label agencies set their pricing on the basis of your project needs and their complexity.

Custom-Based Pricing

Some agencies also offer custom-based pricing. Depending on your needs, a provider will build a quote for you on a monthly or yearly basis.


Apart from this, our UPSQODE SEO agency offers you quality search engine optimization services at very affordable prices. Our plans and pricing vary from project to project, but the goal to deliver quality results is constant. We offer these services on an hourly basis or monthly basis. Let’s book a consultation and discuss your project now.

White Label SEO Services that can be resold

It is good to sell complete solutions to your clients, but sometimes it is not necessary that the client can afford everything. Therefore, the goal of an SEO reseller is to sell those services which are needed at that point. So, let us have a look at what kind of white-label services are resold.

ON-Page and Off-Page Reseller Services

SEO is not a single-faceted approach, which is why it is not limited to one single service. Some clients need multiple ways to enhance their search engine rankings with both off-page and on-page optimizations. And, to fulfill these you need to hire an expert SEO services reseller who can bring you the best optimal results in multiple areas. Finding target keywords for each page, link building as well as monitoring the campaign, and delivering reports are all these things that are taken care of.

SEO Reseller Audit Services

SEO Auditing is required to check out the performance of the websites. Auditing can be a lengthy process. Here, providers determine all the issues which prevent your website from ranking and take all the possible measures to resolve them. SEO auditing with white-label services is quicker and more efficient.

SEO Reseller Reporting Services

Reporting services are required, so that the clients can know whether their spending is worth or not. Clear and precise reporting determines the level of your SEO Campaign. That is why Reporting services are needed. Reporting services keep track of all your campaign details and ranking on SERPs.

SEO Reseller Link Building Services

Link building is the process of acquiring quality links from authoritative sites. It determines the authority of your business. Therefore, choosing the best white-label link-building services keeps your clients from everything.

SEO Reseller Analysis

Analysis is the key to successful SEO Campaigns. You have to keep your analysis up for your SEO Campaign. Tasks like keyword research, user intent, and competitive analysis all come under analysis. Besides this, your providers will also carry out some technical tasks for you.

SEO Reseller Citation Building

Local citation is needed if your business is having any physical location. White-label SEO providers take care of this also. Citation is necessary to discover the business and it also does a great impact on your business. The white-label programs add citations on various local business directories and social platforms, to enhance your ranking on SERPs.

Wrapping Up

Hope, with this piece of article, you have very well discovered the point of “White Label SEO”. If you have limited resources, you should opt for white label services rather than hiring any in-house developer. It will save your time and budget and would be effective. Despite having some limitations, it will provide you with a comprehensive solution to scale your business. But, just make sure you are dealing with a reputed white-label SEO agency.

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