Angular vs React – Which One To Choose For Your Next Project ?

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May 22nd, 2023
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Choosing the right frontend technology for the web application is really a difficult task, especially when having a lot of technologies around. But Selecting the right framework is very essential because it’s like laying the foundation. So we have gathered some fair comparisons between the two Best frontend frameworks Angular and React.

React v/s Angular both are a long ongoing debate, among the development community but both are used for web development and they are equally popular in google trends.

But what makes both the frameworks different from each other? And what to choose for your next web development project.

Let’s Move into the battle of comparison between Angular v/s React

What is Angular?

Angular has been developed by Google and it was officially released on 2016. Angular has two versions Angular and Angular.js. It is based on Typescript. It follows OOP principles and it is quite famous because of its two-way data binding structure and dependency injections.

Angular is the full-fledged MVC architecture, it’s an architectural pattern where the application is divided into three main logical components, i.e the Model, View, and controller Model contains the logic of an application, View is used as a UI of an application whereas controller acts as an interface between Model and View.

The MVC architecture allows the developers to write the HTML codes directly.

What Angular can do that React can’t?

  • Angular is a Two-way data binding structure
  • Supports MVC architecture
  • Dependency Injection
  • Full-fledged mobile and web development framework

What is React?

React is an open-source frontend framework that was developed by Facebook in 2013. It’s a javascript-based frontend library, which is used to create interactive user interfaces. But it is also known for building mobile apps and web apps. It follows one-way data binding. It has virtual DOM components to maintain the code and reuse the code whenever needed.

React has a JSX facility, i.e. Javascript Syntax Extension which is used to write the HTML and Javascript together.

What React can do that Angular can’t?

  • One-way data binding
  • Virtual DOM components
  • JSX feature
  • React is a component-based architecture

Angular vs React: Features of Angular

React is an open-source frontend framework that was developed by Facebook in 2013. It’s a javascript-based frontend library, which is used to create interactive user interfaces. But it is also known for building mobile apps and web apps. It follows one-way data binding. It has virtual DOM components to maintain the code and reuse the code whenever needed.
React has a JSX facility, i.e. Javascript Syntax Extension which is used to write the HTML and Javascript together.

  • Angular has in-built support for Ajax and HTTP.
  • As angular is written in typescript, it saves a lot of time
  • MVC architecture maintains the code easily
  • Coding in angular is more clear and more concise
  • Has huge number of built-in plugins, libraries, and integration
  • Error handling support has been improved
  • Local CSS and validation
  • Two-way data binding

Angular vs React: Features of React

  • React has the facility of components to store the code and reuse it whenever needed.
  • Has the feature of Virtual DOM
  • One-way data binding makes code more stable
  • User experience and speed have been improved
  • Built-in support for libraries and plugins

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Angular vs React: When to choose Angular?

Although angular is suitable for any kind of application, you should use angular in special cases like

  • For developing Dynamic web apps: Angular can be used for developing any dynamic web apps where contents are displayed according to the user accessibility.
  • Enterprise-level web apps: Thanks to typescript, it is perfectly suitable for business-level web applications.
  • Single-page web apps: If you expect high dynamic content in minimal design, then angular is the best option.

Angular vs React: When to choose React?

React is suitable for large-scale applications, for loading the data without refreshing the pages.

If you want to build any mobile application, react.js is the best answer.

As it handles the view layer of an application, it has the freedom to build reusable components, and developers prefer it more to build reusable UI components.

React is best for an app which requires multiple events.

Angular JS vs React JS: In Terms of Popularity Growth

React and Angular is the most desirable framework and both have equally gained popularity in the google trends. As per the latest report of most popular stats, Angular has 56,586 ratings, whereas React js has 142,606 ratings since then react has dominated angular.js in terms of user base and has become the most popular open-source javascript library.

In 2021, on the list of most wanted frameworks react has ranked first and angular has ranked third. However, developers are more preferring to react.js over angular to work.

Angular vs React: In Terms of Learning Curve

The learning curve of any framework is the most important factor to consider. It is especially important for projects which require a huge amount of coding.

Angular is very vast and dynamic and that’s why it is time-consuming to learn angular at the beginning. But it is worthful to give time at the initial phase to enjoy developing the application. While learning Angular, it is necessary to learn the primary concepts such as directives, modules, components, services, dependency injections, and more. So in the initial phase, the learning curve of angular is comparatively higher.

While beginning with react.js, you have to first learn the JS. You should also be skilled with writing components, managing internal states, and how to implement props for configuration. You need to be familiar with state management frameworks such as Redux.

Angular vs React: In Terms of Flexibility and Performance

There is a significant difference between angular and react when it’s to flexibility. While working with react.js developers have the freedom to choose from a variety of tools, libraries, and architecture. An expert react.js developer team can pick the best tool from the start in order to build highly customized apps.

But angular.js does not have the same level of flexibility as react.js offers. Only other frameworks can use the components, which need to insert the codes in the HTML. It becomes inconvenient for the apps that require real-time updates.

Angular uses real DOM for any applications. Real DOM is good for the single page application which needs to update occasionally. But there are huge libraries in angular.js, which slower the application of angular.

While React uses Virtual DOM, which is best suitable for application that needs regular updates. The size of the library is small which makes the react application more lighter and dynamic.

Angular vs React: In Terms of Speed and Productivity

The CLI of angular development provides a great development experience. It creates a brilliant workspace and designs the components with just a few lines of code. Angular is having a lot of inbuilt libraries and tools which makes the development easier and faster.

While using the third-party libraries in react.js, affects the speed of developing apps. Because in react, the needs of tools vary from project to project, which requires more time if the app is given to a new developer to update.

Angular vs React: Comparison Chart Between Angular and React

Angular.js is an open-source framework of javascript written in typescript and it is mostly used to build enterprise-level applications like single-page applications or progressive-level applications while React.js is the javascript library that is built using JSX and mainly used to develop UI components. Angular.js is based on MVC architecture while React.js follows virtual DOM.

Now let’s understand some technical specifications with the given comparison chart between Angular v/s React.


Founder Founded by Misko Hevery Founded by Jordan Walke
Year Of Release Released in 2009 Released in 2013
Suitable for Developing active and interactive web applications Developing large-scale applications with frequent variable data
Type Completely Javascript framework Javascript library
Application Size Comparatively Small Comparatively Small
DOM RealVirtual Virtual
Data-Binding Two-way One-way
Language JS, Typescript JSX, JS ES6+
Productivity High High
Availablity Open-Source Open-Source
Testing & Debugging Can be done with the single tool Requires set of tools to perform testing
Learning curve Steeper Moderate
Community Support Large community support like Apple, Adobe, Nike, Microsoft Large community support Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Microsoft
GitHub Ratings 55.8 k 141.1k
When Should I Choose?
  • If you want large-scale applications with rich features
  • If you want ready-to-use solutions with higher productivity
  • If you need an app with multiple events
  • When you require a personised app solution
  • Want to build mobile application

Applications built with Angular

Because of its rich feature and functionality, Angular has gained so much popularity and achieved large community support. Many large reputed companies are using angular for their various requirements like

  • PayPal: PayPal is the largest and fastest community offering payment gateways in the world. They have used Angular.js to construct their payment gateway system, which consists of features like a payment system, adding debit card pages, etc. This feature has a high level of security with smooth functionalities.
  • Upwork: Upwork is the largest platform for freelancers and the number one freelancing community in the world. They have used Angular to develop functionalities like reflecting the changes in a fraction of a second.

Applications built with React

Like Angular, React is not lagging behind in the race. React.js has also achieved large community support because of its enriched features and many large communities are preferring more to work with react.js like

  • Netflix: Netflix is one of the famous multimedia streaming platforms, that uses react for low-performing devices. Netflix mainly uses react to enhance the performance and increase the startup speed.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a social networking site working with react.js and developing exciting features and maintaining both ios and android versions easily.

Angular vs React: Conclusion

In the end, we come to our question of which one to choose for your next project?

Angular or React?

The above points are the best of our research and observation for angular and react, undoubtedly react and angular are suitable for any kind of application. React is a good option if you want to build an application with a small learning curve and team while if you want to develop an enterprise-level application with a large development team angular is the best to choose even if the learning curve is large.

Hopefully, you can now choose the best framework for your project without any confusion.

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