Angular vs Vue – Which Framework to Choose in 2024?

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Feb 22nd, 2024
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The eco-system of the Frontend frameworks is continuously evolving with the passing days. It has become a game-changer in the development field. As it is updating day by day, frontend developers are getting numerous choices to work and it has become a tricky task for them to choose the best framework. Therefore selecting the best framework is a very essential step while building any project.

Today, we will explore and compare the frameworks of Javascript – which has been one of the most popular languages right now, since its release in 2009. Earlier we also discussed a few Javascript framework comparisons like React.js vs Angular.js but today we will have a detailed look at continuously rising frontend frameworks i.e Angular vs Vue, as these frameworks are winning the hearts of developers.

So let’s get into the battle of head-to-head comparison between Vue vs Angular and see who wins.

Introducing Frameworks – Angular v/s Vue

Angular and Vue both are offsprings of Javascript, and they are built for developing the front end. Both frameworks work similarly but at the same time, both of them have their own unique features and different purposes. So what makes them unique? Let see.

What is Angular? And its Benefits in Development

Angular.js is an open-source web application framework of Javascript, which was released in 2016 by Misko Hevery and their team at Google. Angular is completely based on Typescript. It has two-way data binding that helps to build scalable web applications.

The framework assists the developer with a number of built-in tools and libraries, without affecting the application performance. Angular.js helps to build interactive web applications because of its vast features and functionalities.

It offers benefits like

  • Easy to learn and implement while developing an application
  • Two-way data binding helps to make easy changes
  • Offers dynamic UI binding
  • It allows end-to-end real-time unit testing
  • Huge number of built-in libraries and functionalities
  • Capable and Effective Cross-Platform Development

What is Vue? And its Benefits in Development 

Vue.js is MVVM (model-view-View Model) Based Frontend Javascript Framework it’s a combined build of React.js and Angular.js. It was built in 2014 by developer Evan You and since then it has achieved massive success because of its lightweight personality and progressing web development (PWA).

It is a versatile Javascript-based framework, that provides advanced web tools to develop web applications. As it’s a combined version of Angular and React.js, it is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. It mainly focuses on the view layer of an application to build interactive user-interfaces

It offers benefits like

Easy to learn as it enables the developer to have the least coding lines.
It has single file components, which means all HTML, CSS, and Javascript files are stored in a single file
It is user-friendly, and it helps to build interactive user interfaces.
It allows proper customization

Key Differences – Angular v/s Vue

Being a Javascript framework, it is obvious that both Angular and Vue.js shares similarities but still they are different from each other in various aspects.
Here are some of the key differences between Vue.js vs Angular, Which may help you to decide on your best frontend framework for web development.


There is a certain rise in the growth of Angular over the past 2 years, almost 25.1k developers have chosen Angular to work, and it has got 62.8k stars on Github and approx 422k websites are built with Angular. So Angular is quite popular as per this data and it seems like this growth will rise in the upcoming days too.

As compared to Vue.js vs Angular, Angular has little Suppressed Vue.js popularity, because it is chosen by 17.1k developers and got 57k stars from Github.

So as per market statistics, Angular has won the race.


Undoubtedly, both frameworks are smooth with few drawbacks. Angular.js is slightly heavier than Vue.js because code written in Angular.js needs to be fully rendered on the server side, then it downloads and runs, which takes a long time to process. While Vue.js is comparatively lighter because of its memory allocation. But overall we can say Vue.js is faster.

So in terms of performance, Vue.js is the best


Compared to Angular, Vue.js has few built-in libraries and packages that fail to fulfill the requirements, so the developer needs to integrate third-party libraries whenever needed. Hence Vue.js is lightweight and smaller in size while Angular.js contains huge built-in libraries and packages, which require more storage and that’s why Angular is considered to be heavy-weight and bigger in size compared to Vue.js.

So in terms of Size, Vue.js is good with few pitfalls.

Code Maintenance

Developer loves to work with those frameworks, which takes care of code consistency, and that’s a key point while building any application. Code consistency is maintained very well in Angular.js.
So how it is maintained? Actually, Angular.js is consist of component-based architecture. This component has the facility of storing the code which helps the developer to reuse the components (contains code) whenever needed during the development stage which saves the developer’s time in writing code and lowers the chances of bugs.

So what about the Vue.js code structure?

As Vue.js is still in the growing stage, so it is not easy to determine the code structure because updations are still going on. But as of today, Vue has suppressed the market of long-going frameworks which is a positive sign for the future market of Vue. Vue lacks code consistency and good support so conventional coding can help to overcome these facts.

So here between Vue vs Angular, Angular is better in terms of code maintenance.

Learning Curve

Angular has a steep learning curve and it is complex to learn for beginners, first, you have to learn essential concepts like Typescript, and MVC architecture to understand Angular. So it’s a little bit tough for beginners to start with Angular.

While Vue.js has a shallow learning curve, it is quite easy for those who want to shift from React and Angular because Vue inherits the features of both these frameworks. Vue is completely Javascript and its templates are fully written in HTML. so with a basic knowledge of Javascript one can easily learn Vue.js.

So in the learning curve between Vue js vs Angular, Vue is the winner.

Advantages of Angular v/s Vue

Nothing in the world is perfect, everything comes with some good and bad sides, so both frameworks are good but at the same time both of them have some disadvantages also.

So let’s look at the pros and cons of Angular v/s Vue.js, to fetch out who is the best

Advantages of Angular

  • It is based on typescript, which enables the developer to determine the error while typing, which lowers the chances of errors and increases the productivity rate.
  • It contains a huge number of libraries and packages which makes developers independent of third-party libraries.
  • Angular helps you to build robust and scalable web applications with interactive user-interfaces
  • It provides easy customizations, as you can easily integrate elements from other frameworks
  • It has high popularity as per market statistics, and many big brands and companies are adapting Angular for their software development

Disadvantages of Angular

  • Angular.js has a steep learning curve which means it is difficult for beginners to learn.
  • As it is component-based architecture, it becomes more complex and difficult to
    handle the component
  • It is heavier in size, because of its huge libraries and packages.

Advantages of Vue

  • Vue is a lighter-weight framework as it does not contains unnecessary built-in libraries and packages, and saves storage. With every new release of Vue, it is becoming lighter than earlier.
  • Vue.js contains virtual DOM, which speedups up the page loading time and server-side rendering. Due to its virtual DOM feature, speed is also optimized.
  • It helps to build interactive user-friendly applications
  • Vue.js has a shallow learning curve, it is easy to learn and implement.

Disadvantages of Vue

  • Vue has less community support, as it is still in a growing state
  • It has a less number of plugins and libraries. Therefore developers have to rely on third-party libraries
  • There is a language barrier for Vue.js because it has a large number of non-English speaking users. Templates and pieces of code are written in the Chinese language which becomes difficult to understand.
  • A two-way binding feature of Vue makes it worthwhile to build and sync components across apps.

If we talk about which framework to choose on the basis of advantages and disadvantages between Angular v/s Vue, then as per our research Angular is best despite its disadvantages. Because it has all the features that can fulfill your requirements

What can be built? – Angular v/s Vue

Use cases of Angular.jsUse cases of Vue.js
Real-time data applications Progressive web applications 
Video Streaming applications Big enterprise applications 
E-commerce Applications One-page applications 
User content web portals  Mobile applications development 
Progressive web applications Small Project applications 

Applications built with Angular and Vue.js – Angular v/s Vue

Applications built with Angular


The most popular website Forbes has been developed by using Angular 5 for its user – interfaces due to which it has received more than 74 million users monthly in the US. Forbes has used Angular to develop its author pages


The online payment processing platform i.e Paypal is built with Angular which easily handles transactions with some clicks. The checkout page of Paypal is built with Angular.


Gmail is one of the best examples of Angular and provides everything in a single app. It is such a powerful app that works efficiently in spite of high traffic

It’s a weather forecasting platform built using Angular, which provides weather-related information from multiple locations. It has used Angular for its UI which is managed by separate teams.

Applications built with Vue


The well-known platform, which corrects grammar and lets you write accurately is built using Vue.js. Its user-friendliness makes it more convenient to use. So with this, you can estimate, how Vue.js can create magic in your enterprise-level applications.


Trivago is a german company that compares hotel booking prices similar to with an annual worth of 900 dollars. The front end of this application is built with Javascript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js which helps them to achieve business goals. 


GitLab is similar to GitHub, which is a free platform for software developers. Vue was migrated slowly by GitLab due to its simplicity in creating advanced components and helped the company to scale its business in high complexity.


So both frameworks are best with their own benefits and risks, and it is really difficult to choose the best among them. While the choice of framework totally depends on the project requirements. If you want to develop a small project with a small team then Vue.js will be the best choice or if you want a scalable application then Angular will be good.

If you are having any project ideas for Angular and Vue or you are looking to hire Angular developers or you want to hire Vue.js developers, feel free to contact us.

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