15 Key Benefits of Local SEO for Your Local Business

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Aug 25th, 2023
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In the era of online marketing, people still go for local products. That is why 63% of searches in Google are made for “nearby” and “close by “. Most customers turn to Google for finding local businesses. Hence, local businesses must. Therefore, local businesses must take advantage of it. It can be done with SEO.

Whenever you operate in a physical location or provide local services, local SEO can help you reach the people in your neighborhood, town, or city. It will help you beat your customers to make users choose you.

Although there are various SEO benefits. But, today we will be discussing the amazing benefits of local SEO, which will amaze you

Let’s start first with the basics of Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a Search engine optimization technique, performed for small and medium-sized business owners to grow.

For example, if you have a grocery shop, and whenever people from your area make a search for “grocery shop near me”, your listing will appear if you have optimized it. Local SEO includes finding local keywords, optimizing Google My Business profile, and Nap citations.

Why Local SEO is important?

Its importance lies in the fact, that today almost everyone is using smartphones for finding local businesses. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier for people to find the products and services they are looking for.

According to the research, 50% of the people who perform local searches visit a store within a day. Even if the person does not visit on the same day, there is a good chance

they will consider your business when they will be ready to make a purchase in the future.

Local SEO has the tendency to increase both traffic and sales. Approximately 20% of local searchers purchase within a day. Therefore, be sure to optimize the business properly.

How Local SEO helps Local Businesses?

Local SEO helps businesses to reach out their targetted audience near them. The best part of local SEO is, it makes every business fond of it. It takes less effort to optimize. All you have to do is, generate backlinks to local event sites, location-specific phrases will help you to gain bigger footprints. When nearby customers browse for your services or products, it will increase your SERP ranking positions as well as the traffic to your site.

15 Benefits of Local SEO

Let’s explore the benefits of local SEO for businesses

Targets Local Customers

Local SEO service helps businesses to acquire local customers who are likely to use their products or services. Optimizing for local searches ensures that your business appears in the most relevant search and acquires a targeted audience.

By using techniques like Google my business listings, Geo-targetted content, and optimizing content-related local keywords improves your business search engine visibility and increases your chances of being found by potential customers.

Improves Visibility

The most important benefit of local SEO is it increases your business visibility in the local areas. You are able to find your interested customers by only improving the content and details for the local searches. With the advantage of local SEO tactics, small businesses can ensure ranking in the relevant local searches and increase the chances of standing ahead of the competitors.

Local SEO is an important part of marketing strategy which helps businesses reach more customers, generate more leads, and ultimately increase their bottom line.

Better Conversion rates

This is another important benefit of local SEO is it gains potential customers to your site and improves your conversion rates. Joel House Search Media, states that 80% of the local search results into sales. So, it is clear that local SEO results in better conversion rates.

Less Advertising Costs

Local businesses are meant for local audiences. That is the reason, they invest more in advertising channels such as pamphlets, banners, channels, etc. This thing costs a lot. But you can save your money, just by improving your local SEO. Local people search with “near me”, you just have to optimize your keywords with this. If you optimize it well, it will appear in the search results. So, just by improving your local SEO, you can save huge advertising costs.

Continuous Business Growth

Local SEO focuses on increasing traffic and boosting the search engine result pages. And in turn, both marketing and sales increase. More sales means, more interested customers, which will significantly increase your business growth period. So, if you want to grow your local business, it’s better to spend time and resources on SEO tactics.

Increased Relevant Traffic

SEO is all about chasing the right audience and acquiring the right audience is always a battle. But Local SEO makes this process way easier. You fill up Google my business profile and can include your business in as many as possible directories and you can even add a local landing page to your directory. If all these things are done properly, you will start receiving relevant traffic to your business.

Good content is loved by both users and Google. Adding unique and qualitative descriptions for your products and services can increase your visibility and sales. This will potentially result in sales or deals. Observing this positive activity, Google will significantly increase your ranking, which can even lead you to gain potential customers and sales.

One thing that should be clearly noted, is you should fill in accurate information only. In order to keep increasing the search engine positions, you have to make sure that the business name, address, contacts, and all the information are accurate and up to date. Otherwise, bad reviews will blow down your hard work.

If you want to increase traffic to your site, then get some SEO tips to boost traffic to your site.

Direct Leads and Calls

Local SEO allows you to optimize your website and get a higher ranking in Google Maps as well as attract more customers through your Google my business profile.

Google My Business is a free platform, offered by Google. It allows you to publish your address, location, website URL, contact number, and reviews. So, that you can generate direct leads, calls, and sales.

The absence of local businesses might risk you not getting potential customers who are truly interested in your products and services.

Citation Building

One component of Local SEO is citation building. This is the process of generating high-quality links from other websites.

These high-quality links build the authority of your website. These are the votes of confidence from other websites, that your business is legitimate and provides valuable information.

You can increase the authority of your site, by submitting your business into the directories, reviewing sites, and guest posting to the other websites.

High Conversion Rate

SEO has many components and all of them work together to improve the user experience. User experience increases your ranking and generates more sales for your businesses.

Some of the components include optimizing a site for mobile search, implementing a user-friendly site structure, and website load time as well as optimizing a site for conversions. Easier it will be for the users to navigate, Easier it will be for them to find the services and products they are looking for and contact you.

Local SEO is not only for increasing traffic, but it has the possibility to convert your visitors into buyers.

Get More Local Reviews

Do you know? 87% of the people buy from local businesses on the basis of their reviews. If you are offering good services, then people will love to provide honest reviews, which will help you to get more clients. For this, you have to optimize your business properly with Local SEO. By improving local SEO, you can get more customer reviews. And responding to the user’s comment will help you to rank higher on search engines. Because Google sees it as a better customer experience. Google reviews can provide a lot of other benefits too.

Long-Lasting Rankings

In traditional marketing, a lot of money is required for increasing sales every week. But SEO is a bit different from traditional marketing, it would give you long-lasting results. You just need to update all the required details for SEO. Once you rank in search engines, then you are mostly likely to hold the position for long. You just have to stay updated with the SEO trends and make all efforts, to maintain a long-lasting ranking.

Bypass Competition

Local SEO benefits you over your competitors who rely on traditional marketing.

Let’s take an example, there are two different companies selling the same product one relies on local SEO, while the other is using traditional marketing tactics. No doubt, people will choose the business which is higher on SERPs. Because as a customer we would like to explore the product as much as possible. A search engine is a place where we do all our searches, so without any guessing, we would click on the results of the first page.

Proper SEO efforts make your business stay ahead of your competitors.

Builds Huge Community

The local community has huge power. That is why, it is not possible to remember the name and places of every customer who you are serving for. Local SEO can bring you sponsorship opportunities as well as huge visibility among people who support local businesses in your area.

Sponsoring and participating in local events will help you to build the authority and trust of your business. Furthermore, the power of social media never gonna fade, social media will help you to share your achievements and promote your brand through various mediums. Even there, you can get your customers. The online presence will help you to get huge visibility among people.

When your visibility will increase, other business owners will run come to you with the purpose of promoting the brand. When you refer your clients to use their services by promoting another business in your area, then the other side of the deal will do the same.

Focusing on Mobile devices

Approx 70% of people prefer to shop through mobile devices, they like to read reviews from their phones. In fact, 55% of global traffic comes from smartphones. Therefore focusing on mobile devices is very much vital.

Because Mobile friendly website will boost your both brand and sales authority. No one wants to zoom in and out all the time for purchases while scrolling through the items and their descriptions. So, make sure that you can make responsive designs otherwise, users will get frustrated and leave your page if they will find something comfortable to use.

Therefore mobile optimized pages can have huge advantages in your local SEO. But some people do not focus on mobile devices.

Boosting Your ROI

If local SEO is done perfectly, it can bring huge success to your business. Once you have started taking care of your online presence in Google My Business Profile, local listings, and updating content for local searches. It will generate more traffic and sales.

Working on Local SEO can provide you with a long-lasting effect on your ROI. Improved ranking increases the visibility of your business and adds more sales opportunities.

Final Thoughts

So, we have mentioned all the benefits of Local SEO. After all in this digital era, online businesses are progressing day by day. They are making a lot of efforts to maintain their visibility on search engines.

Everyone has smartphones, whatever they want to purchase, they first make a Google search. Therefore, no matter whether you are going with Enterprise SEO or Local SEO, search engine optimization is a must for everyone. For achieving an online presence, there can be no better option than Local SEO for small businesses. Because it provides you the potential to take your business to the top.

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What are LocalSEO benefits?

Local SEO is the search engine optimization technique that helps your business to become more visible in search engine results pages in your local area. It is done for small and medium businesses for their growth in the local area.

Is doing Local SEO worth it?

If you want to acquire customers from your local areas and want to make your business grow locally. Then it’s a great way to start with, it will make your business stand ahead. So, for local areas, local SEO is definitely worthful.

What is the most important thing about Local SEO?

The most important thing behind Local SEO is to make sure that your name, business, and phone numbers are consistent across all the platforms. It is even a good idea to include city names in keywords, meta tags, and titles.

Which is better Local SEO or Paid Search?

SEO is more effective and can offer you long-lasting results. While on the other hand, Paid search is the acquisition strategy that requires you to spend money to get your content visible

What are the three things involved in Local SEO?

The common tasks associated with local SEO are finding local keywords, optimizing Google My Business Profile as well as building NAP citation

How long does it take to get results from Local SEO?

Local SEO can take approx 4-8 weeks to get results if it is done perfectly.

What are the benefits of Local SEO?

  • It gives 24/7 promotion
  • Gains more clicks than PPC
  • Improves your site’s user experience
  • Helps you to generate quality leads
  • Increases Brand Visibility
  • Builds Brand Credibility and Trust
  • Helps you to generate Quality Leads

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