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Dec 22nd, 2023
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Every website owner wants to have their website on the top. But, Ranking a website on the SERP does not happen overnight. And, it’s even more difficult to rank only a piece of content, because search engines go through tons of ranking factors to place the website on the top of search results. Furthermore, Google changes its algorithm too many times a day, which becomes even more challenging.

Therefore, you will need someone who can cope with the changes and build out powerful strategies to beat such challenges. And, that someone can only be a good professional SEO expert. Only well-trained and professional SEO marketers can assist you in gaining more visibility and you can take SEO benefits. Hiring the right expert not only gets you tons of traffic but also helps you in your website improvements.

But, finding the right SEO expert looks more challenging than ranking on SERP. That’s why, today we have brought the blog, that would guide you to hire the perfect SEO partner for your business.

So, if you are looking for an SEO expert, then this blog is for you. Read this article, till the end.

Let’s Start,

What Does an SEO Expert Do?

A Search Engine Optimization specialist is responsible for improving your website’s visibility on different search engines. He is responsible for carrying out effective strategies that would be beneficial for the business’s growth.
An SEO Expert can perform many duties including testing, analyzing, researching, creating powerful strategies, building links, and many more for your business. The SEO specialists can even stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends and are also able to manage social media to boost business traffic.

There are three types of SEO specialists you can hire for your business, therefore it’s important to consider to determine the kind of expert that suits your business needs,

Technical SEO Expert – They are responsible for focusing on the technical aspects of your business including website loading speed, page structure, navigation, and many more. They find out the technical errors that prevent your site from ranking.

Content SEO Expert – They specialize in powering up your business content by researching and analyzing the best keywords and incorporating them into the content.

Off-page SEO Expert – This expert focuses on your link-building strategies and is responsible for finding the high-authority sites and bringing out the high metric links that increase the authority of your business.

How an SEO Expert can help your Business?

So, how can SEO professionals help your business grow? By the way, the field of SEO is vast and complex, look at what kind of services SEO experts often provide like,

Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial for Search Engine Optimization. The right keyword can only take your business to the top of SERP.

Keyword research is the process of finding the relevant search terms that users mostly use to browse search engines. Discovering the right keyword is crucial for your business to bring potential customers towards your business. An SEO freelancer would help you to get the best relevant word phrase for your business.

Content Writing

Content is the king of Search Engine Optimization. This is capable of making or breaking your website on SERP. The expert will plan out the entire process to create powerful content. The content marketers will research keywords, analyze competitors’ content, craft headlines, titles, and the type of content to publish.

Content plays an important role in SEO. Therefore, writing content that satisfies your user intent and search engine crawlers is a must. An SEO expert with good SEO practice crafts the best piece of content for your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s technical elements like site speed, navigation, menus, sitemaps, robots.txt, mobile responsiveness, and many other elements. Technical SEO is crucial for your business because if one of the elements performs unwell, it will prevent your site from ranking. Hiring SEO professionals will conduct technical SEO audits regularly and make your site free from any errors.

Link Building

Besides Content, Link building is also an essential factor of Search Engine Optimization. Having links from reputed sites can increase your business authority and make it valuable for various search engines. Link building is the activity of getting high-quality links from authorized sites, also known as backlinks.

An SEO expert will make your link-building process simple by finding the links from authorized sites and getting beneficial links from there. This helps to build trust among customers and also increases your website visibility. It also helps to boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Website Audits

If you want to rank your website well on search engines, then comprehensive site auditing is very necessary for your business. You need to ensure your technical SEO and On-page SEO are performing well on search engines. Even more, site auditing is necessary with time intervals. A professional SEO expert can audit your website timely and make sure all the components are working properly. And, if search engines find your business does not have any site errors, it will be beneficial for your ranking.

When You Should Hire an SEO Professional?

Many business owners get confused and find it difficult to determine when they should start searching for an SEO professional for their business. So, here we will tell you some situations when you should think about hiring an SEO expert for yourself.

When you don’t know how to Create a Strategy

Every SEO Campaign is different from each other. And every business’s needs and demands are different. That’s why you will require a full-fledged and customized SEO marketing strategy that would enhance your marketing goals. And, a perfect marketing strategy requires complete research and analysis.

So, make sure to hire such an expert who has extensive experience working on different kinds of projects.

You Want to Improve your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization might not be your first choice while building a website. You just wanted to build a website and make it run. Eventually, you will find driving traffic is also an important factor in raising sales. So, if you are thinking about driving traffic and increasing your website sales, then it’s time to think about hiring an SEO professional for your business. You should take the help of an expert for your business’s digital growth.

When Your Website is not Driving Enough Traffic

Despite applying all basic things to the website, if your website is not driving traffic, then it’s high time to think about hiring SEO experts. Because your website needs to have some additional changes, an SEO expert would conduct a site audit and find out the errors preventing your site from ranking on the SERP.

An expert will optimize your site and make sure it is understandable and crawlable for your search engines.

When You have a tight budget

Every marketer knows the power of SEO and now it has become the priority for many industrial website owners. That is why the package of SEO is costly. Not every marketer can afford these. However investment in SEO can be worthwhile, as it will boost your business traffic and increase business sales and revenue. But if you hire an SEO team from any company, it will be costly.

But, hiring a particular SEO expert would be beneficial and cheaper for your business. Because you can get the expertise in a very lesser amount.

If you want affordable SEO services, then consult UPSQODE – our company offers cost-effective SEO experts who have comprehensive experience in this field to drive revenue-generating traffic to your business.

Don’t have time to Track Algorithm Changes and Updates

Google changes its algorithms many times a day and it’s possible to track every change and know every update. However, having knowledge of each change is necessary. When you don’t have time to track the algorithm changes, then you can hire an SEO expert who can keep up-to-date with each algorithm change.

You are making a new or redesigning your Website

If you are thinking of developing a new website or making changes to your new website, then you should keep SEO in front of your mind. SEO should be a priority when designing a website. You should consult with an SEO expert to make sure your website is optimized to meet the latest SEO standards. This would ensure your website is optimized and able to rank right from the beginning. After all, it’s the easiest time to optimize your website with SEO when you are updating your website.

When Should You Not Hire an SEO Professional?

Despite having so many benefits of hiring a freelance SEO expert, there are some cases when you should avoid hiring an SEO expert and instead go for an SEO agency.

When You Want Additional SEO Benefits

Note that, not a single person can handle all the things of search engine optimization. Because SEO is a vast field, you have to deal with a lot of components and have to be aware of every little change that Google makes. Therefore, if you want some additional benefits like content writer, editor, or SEO strategist, then you should definitely prefer an SEO agency. Because you get the full team to assist your SEO Campaign. So, before hiring, just carefully determine your business needs and make sure whether your campaign is manageable by one person or you need to hire a full-fledged SEO agency for your business.

When You Need Different SEO Services

If you are looking for different SEO services, then it’s better to go for an SEO agency because an agency offers different services with human capital under one roof. You will never need to hire additional resources.

When you hire a full-fledged SEO agency, your SEO Campaign will be divided into various groups. And, this will enhance your website speed and performance and even your campaign will be completed with time as tasks will be assigned to different services.

When You have a limited Budget

SEO is a costly marketing option, and hiring an SEO agency would not be a cost-effective option, because you have to pay for services and packages on a monthly basis. So, if you have a limited budget, just hold the thought of hiring an SEO freelancer for your business.

When You Want Stability at Your Work

An agency has all the resources that your business needs to be executed quickly. By hiring an SEO agency, you will be assured that all your work will be qualitative.

The biggest disadvantage of hiring an SEO professional is if anyhow the person gets sick or on leave for several reasons, your work will be held on for days. This will delay the progress of your campaign. One benefit you get by hiring an SEO team, if any team member gets sick or takes leave, the work will be handled by the rest team members.

Tips to hire an SEO Expert for your Business

Consider the following points when you are about to hire an SEO expert for your business

Determine Your SEO Needs

The very first thing to consider while hiring an SEO freelancer is to determine your business goals. First, you should analyze your business perspective, and identify your goals and requirements. Determine your expectations with your website. You can pen down all the things that you want from your website. Understand your business first. It will ease the process of what to look for in an SEO expert while hiring.

Moreover, this will make sure to set interview questions with your expert and discuss everything regarding your project growth.

Determine Your Budget

Thinking of hiring any SEO agency or expert, budget plays a very crucial role. After all, everything is dependent on that. So, before hiring, first determine what’s your business budget, how much money you can spend on your business. Because different services cost different money and there are even various plans associated with it. So, it’s very important to make sure first the budget of your business goals, then you can proceed further.

Decide Between an Agency and a Freelancer

After identifying your business goals and budget, determine what is best for your business, an agency or freelancer. Because if you want full-fledged SEO services with more quality outputs, and want more additional services, then you can complete an SEO agency. But if you have a limited budget and your requirements are also not so high, then you can opt for an individual SEO expert.

Review References

Before you go to hire someone, you should always check for the references. You should talk with their clients and ask about their portfolios. Check the kind of services and outputs they have provided to their clients. Their set of skills and expertise in several parts. Analyzing these, you will gain more trust for your expert and it will be helpful for you to make decisions.

Ask for a Website Audit

You can always ask for a free website audit before you make the final decision to hire an SEO expert for yourself. You can ask about your website’s health and improvements, you can ask anything related to your website. If you are happy with their suggestions, then it can be your right choice to hire them.

Conduct an Interview

Now you can conduct an interview with your expert where you can ask various types of questions. Focus on the types of questions your candidates ask. A good SEO expert will be interested in your business’s detailed understanding and will focus on your website’s essential parts. He will not only be concerned about the search engine visibility but also make sure how it will look on SERP. They will ask you questions like

  • What makes your business content unique and valuable to the customers?
  • What are your business goals and objectives?
  • How does your business make money? And how can search help you with that?
  • What are the unique features of your business?
  • How do you promote your business?
  • Do you have a social media presence for your business?

Note that, if someone promises you that he will rank your business on search engines within a few days, then you should pay attention because these are unrealistic promises and these kinds of people are not the right choice for your business.

Where Can You Find an SEO Specialist?

Following are some of the best places where you can find SEO freelancers at budget-friendly rates. Let’s check once


UPWORK is the place where thousands of freelancers work together. It holds many good profiles of freelancers. Several people in this marketplace have extensive experience working in SEO and other marketing fields. You can opt for this site if you want a complete and expert SEO freelancer for your business. Furthermore, this site is one of the most reputed and safe sites of all.

Key Features

  • Talented SEO specialists with good and vast experience
  • Professional and high-profile content writers
  • Good Quality link builders
  • Provides 24/7 support


Like UPWORK, Fourerr is a marketplace that offers freelancers and marketers for your business. You can start with a very little investment. This is the only marketplace where you can buy and sell businesses and earn rewards.

Key Features

  • It Pays Fast
  • Tracking can be easily done
  • Communication can be done without restrictions


Uplers is a marketplace that connects businesses with SEO experts. From Uplers, you can find the right SEO expert for your business. It is a safe and secure site. They offer services like PPC, SEO, SEM, design, and development services for your business. The SEO experts at platforms can work for your business’s growth and success.

Key Features

  • From Uplers, you will find SEO experts with extensive years of experience
  • Offers many kinds of services
  • Good facilities and data security
  • Cost-effective site to find the expert


This is also a reputed marketplace that connects businesses with marketing specialists. The platform offers comprehensive search engine experts for your business. From this platform, you can find the right SEO professionals who can fulfill all your business needs and demands. The platform also provides ratings and reviews of each SEO professional, making it easier for you to find the right one. You can also compare prices and services offered by different professionals to find the right one for your business.

Key Features

  • Expert SEO Consultants with vast experience
  • Offers 24/7 available support
  • 100% affordable option for your business
  • Find SEO professionals with good results

Besides these marketplaces, you can even find the SEO developer for your business from the following places,

Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in the recruitment process, helping many businesses to get the appropriate candidate for their business. With social media, you can reach good talent and experts. If you are really looking for an SEO expert, you can find them on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

You can find the freelancer or expert on social media by posting your requirements and also make sure to add the correct hashtags like #NeedSEOFreelancers, when you post your content on social media.

Ask Google

Various freelancers or experts showcase their talents with the website. They have their own website and they show their portfolios and post blogs there. Even they practice on their own website to get it ranked on SERP and reach the relevant audience.

You can find SEO experts while casually typing your query on Google, you will see thousands of results have been pulled on your search page.

It is important to choose the right SEO expert as they have the knowledge and expertise to help you optimize your website and achieve the desired results. You should also check their reviews and testimonials to get a better understanding of the services they offer.

Reach Out to Your Network

If you have an extensive professional network, and if there is a good chance of having a digital marketing expert in your circle. You can easily find the right one for your business. You can even consider asking other business leaders and check out their recommendations. You can even ask agency clients whether they have worked with any SEO experts.

So, above are the best sources where you can get the correct expert of your choice

Benefits of Having an SEO Professional for Your Business

There are several benefits of having an SEO professional for your business. Let’s have a look at some,

Expert Knows Best

SEO is a very complicated and vast field. So, it should be handled very carefully. You can’t do SEO on your own if you don’t have any expertise. It can even take a year to have a master’s in SEO and without knowledge, you should not waste your time.

When it comes to SEO, you should definitely seek help from an expert, because an expert truly knows the best for you. Hiring someone who has the proper understanding of the field can help you to get 100% quality results for your business. It can even help your business to grow faster which is a good thing.

That’s why hiring an SEO expert is not a loss, in fact, it will be super beneficial for your business.

Keeps Updated with the trends

SEO is ever-changing, it changes too many times in a day. You will not be able to track the little chance and when it occurs. If you are doing SEO, it is very important to have knowledge about the trends and algorithm changes.

Having someone who is aware of such changing things can ensure your website is in good hands. In this way, you can keep up with the competition and even beat them.

Increases Your Reach Online

A strong online presence highly impacts your online business. And every business owner wants to have a strong presence on search engines so that they can increase their sales and generate proof. Doing these needs a good knowledge of SEO strategies and skills. And, This is only possible with a good SEO expert. By hiring such professionals, your business can be optimized well enough to be understood by search engines and crawlers.

SEO experts can also help you create better content and optimize your website for better performance. They can also help you with online reputation management, link building, and other essential SEO tasks.

Hiring an SEO Expert Boosts Brand Awareness

Link building is one of the crucial elements of Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of acquiring the qualitative links for your business and increasing your business authority. The activity involves getting a third-party link into your own piece of content. It increases the business authority and makes your business reach its relevant audiences.

When you hire an SEO expert, you will get these services effectively and the expert will make sure your business acquires it brand by reaching its relevant audience.

Boosts Your Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

SEO can be really effective for your brick-and-mortar business. It can enhance your physical location and attract customers from your nearby locations. If you are thinking of hiring an SEO professional for your physical store, you should definitely take a chance to take your business to the next level.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Business

If you don’t have any prior knowledge of SEO, then it can be risky because it opens the doors for search penalties, spam, and hacking. And, it can be the one reason that makes sense to hire an SEO expert because he would know what to avoid to keep your website safe from any negative repercussions.

What is the Cost of Hiring an SEO Specialist?

SEO Costs depend on several factors, the cost varies from project to project and on its various requirements. Because every project is different and it’s needed, that’s why cost varies. It even depends on the city you belong to.

According to our research, SEO Costs range between $3000 to $7500 on a monthly range. Furthermore, the cost of SEO Services depends on the competitiveness of your targetted keywords and the type of SEO Agency you choose.

It’s Time to Level up Your Business to the with Best SEO Expert

If you are looking to hire an SEO expert for your business, then you can use our tips and find the best expert for your business. Before hiring an expert, make sure to analyze the expert well and examine them properly. Because there are some bad incidents that have caused a great loss to the business owners.

You can apply our tips and find out the best SEO Expert for your business.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is a process of optimizing a website and improving your website presence on the search engine result pages. It helps your business to gain relevant traffic and sales.

What are the benefits of SEO?

There are various benefits of SEO for your business,

  • Generates leads for your business
  • Increases your business sales and doubles your ROI
  • Leverages your website presence on several search engines
  • Reach your business to it’s potential customers
  • Brings organic search traffic to your site
  • A cost-efficient marketing technique
  • Boosts your business credibility
  • Maximizes your PPC Campaign

What does an SEO Expert do for Your Business?

An SEO Expert will analyze your website from every angle and would work for your business growth. He/she will be responsible for creating SEO strategies for your business, finding keywords, analyzing, building credibility, and taking every possible marketing measure that would be beneficial for your business growth.

Is it worth to hire an SEO Expert for business?

Most companies and business owners have found that hiring an SEO expert is worth the investment. An SEO expert fills knowledge, time gaps, and skills within your team so that you can improve your business traffic and generate relevant sales for your business.

How Can You Hire an SEO Expert from UPSQODE?

UPSQODE is an SEO Company that focuses on driving relevant results for your business by taking your business to the top of Search Engine result pages. We have comprehensive and skilled experts who have prior knowledge in working with different kinds of projects and expanding your business reach to a new level.

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