Top 10 React Chart Libraries to Know in 2024

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Jan 1st, 2024
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Today, data exists everywhere and it has become a crucial part of all sectors. Therefore, in this data-driven world, it is very important to know the accessible way to view and understand the data.

When we talk about data, charts, and graphs are the two most common things, that come to our mind. Because charts and graphs can make data more aesthetically systematic and easier to understand and retain. React chart libraries do something similar to that.

While in website development, we get various ways to visualize charts. So, Today in this article we are going to tell you about the React chart library for data visualizations.

Furthermore, React is the most versatile Javascript framework or library. With the presence of React, web development has become easier. In the previous article we looked at React UI framework and today, we will see, how it is powering the data visualizations.

What is React Chart Library?

While working on a small project, it is simple to collect and retrieve the data. But in a larger project, if you want to display data of different types then it might be difficult. Therefore using a chart library is an efficient way to gather data.

Therefore, in React chart library, there is numerous library that allows you to create interactive, responsive, and animative charts efficiently. These libraries even allow the user to write and design the components and assist them in maintaining the data.

These React apps are beneficial to web developers, who want to integrate meaningful data into their web projects. These apps help the user to analyze how the particular project is working, and how it is likely to work in the future. It even helps the developer to focus on actual data without worrying about its presentation and designs.

Different types of information can be obtained from different types of charts. But Digital charts are more famous because they allow us to understand and fetch crucial data in various formats per our needs. React charts are easier to work with.

Benefits of React Chart Library in Web Applications

  • Helps to integrate meaningful data in structure form
  • Helps the developer to analyze the particular project’s status
  • Varieties of charts are available including line charts, bar charts, pie charts, Gantt, and bubble chart
  • These React apps are easy to use, flexible, and scalable

Most Popular React Chart Libraries For Your Web Project

React Chart js 2

If you have previously worked with Chart.js, then you must have experienced no learning curve for the library. React chart js 2 is not a regular React chart library. These library work as a wrapper for the popular Javascript chart.js library.

Chart.js is a simple and easy-to-use library, which uses the elements of HTML5 for building chart components of different types. It is an easy data visualization tool for that one, who is having a simple dataset, which needs some customizations.

While using React chart.js 2, one should be familiar with the documentation of chart.js. Before using it, one should have a proper understanding of Chart js 2. It is definitely worth giving it a try.

Forks 1.2k
Licence MIT 
Latest Release 4..3.1
Weekly Downloads 692,217
Languages Support Javascript – 12.8%, Typescript – 85.9%, CSS – 1.3%

It Offers

  • Extraordinary 6 different chart styles
  • Allows customizations
  • Supports Animations
  • Responsive charts


Recharts are basically based on React usable components. It permits the developers to build charts with React reusable components. It contains drawing support for SVG only not for mobile support.

These charts are more reliable and mostly used by well-trained and professional web developers. It provides beautiful charts out of the box and they can be customized by tweaking the existing components or adding new ones. By default, these charts are not responsive but can be made using Wrapper.

Rechart has been present for a long, that’s why it has large users. One can easily start with Recharts by using CDN or installing it by an npm or yarn. Moreover, it comes with excellent documentation and project maintainers.

GitHub19.1k Stars
Forks 1.4k 
Licence MIT
Latest Release 2.1.15
Weekly Downloads 857,704
Languages Support Javascript – 67.6%, Typescript – 31.9%, Other – 0.5%

It Offers

  • Improved existing components with some added components
  • Extraordinary beautiful charts
  • Contains declarative components
  • Native SVG support


Victory is another popular React chart library, that contains a set of charting components that use the same API for all applications. It is mainly used for React and React Native. This API allows the users to generate the data in form of charts for both Android and IOS applications. Moreover, it is cross-platform charting, simple, and easy to use.

It is built with React and D3 and comes with a wide variety of charts, which are fully customizable. It is a flexible charting tool, which allows quick integration with line, bar, candlestick, and pie charts into your application.

GitHub10k Stars
Forks 523 
Licence MIT
Latest Release 36.6.0
Weekly Downloads 200,788
Languages Support Javascript – 50.4%, Typescript – 49.6%

It Offers

  • Cross-platform charting support
  • Easy integration with other charts like line, pie, bar, the candlestick on the web, and native applications
  • Contains components that are customizable
  • Flexible documentation
  • Animations and Transitions


Visx is the latest in the React chart library, developed by Airbnb. It has achieved huge popularity after its release because it combines the merits of D3.js and Reacts DOM.

It is used to create common data visualization graphs like Heat maps, scatterplots, contour plots, hexagon heatmaps, doughnuts, and pie charts. One who has worked with React components will find it easier to work with this React – Visx component, as it works similarly to it.

One exciting thing is developers don’t view it as a React chart library, instead, they took it as a collection of low-level visualization components which can be reused.

GitHub16k Stars
Forks 630
Licence MIT
Latest Release v2.10.0
Weekly Downloads 5,980
Languages Support Javascript – 98.3%, Typescript – 1.3%, Other-0.4%

It Offers

  • It is simple to use
  • Calculations are performed with the help of d3
  • Able to create complex visualization charts like Treemaps, Chords, Dendrograms
  • Components can be easily re-used


Nivo is yet again a powerful React chart library, built with D3, and React provides options for different charts and types. A huge number of templates and patterns are available for data visualization.

The React chart library provides support for HTML, Canvas, and SVG charts. Even it provides server-side and client-side rendering with animations. You can customize the charts easily whenever you need.

It is a one-stop solution for creating responsive visualization charts. It also supports motions/transitions offered by React Motion. It can be installed using NPM or Yarn.

Forks 864
Licence MIT
Latest Release v0.80.0
Weekly Downloads 4,254
Languages Support Javascript – 14.9%, Typescript – 83.6%, Other-0.4%, CSS-1.1%

It Offers

  • HTML, Canvas, and SVG support in a single library
  • Create Responsive charts
  • Support for motions/transitions
  • SVG charts are easily scalable
  • User-friendly documentation


Bizcharts has been introduced by one of the well-known tech companies called Alibaba, on GitHub. This library focuses on React charting and G2 for business applications. It has bulk collections of all charts, which are suitable for almost all kinds of requirements.

It works with the ES6 React syntax and possesses an extensive template library system. Moreover, it meets the business implementation of traditional charts and highly customizable charts in terms of usability and richness.

It is famous for its largest library of charts and makes it a complete base for designing and visualizing data.

GitHub6k Stars
Forks 674
Licence MIT
Latest Release v4.0.15
Weekly Downloads 24k
Languages Support Javascript – 97.9%, Typescript – 2.1%

It Offers

  • Support for ES6 React Syntax
  • Massive collections of various kinds of charts
  • Easy to use and strong potential for growth
  • Almost all kinds of data visualization charts are available

React – Stockcharts

React stock chart is the top React chart library to view stock data in various styles and it is easy to grasp. It helps you to handle your financial analytical needs. It is an absolute solution for those, who want to view their financial data as per their needs.

This React chart library is built with React and D3. Furthermore, it has more than 60 technical indicators. By using charting and range tools, you can easily observe the stock price of any company for a given period.

The stock charts are more interactive because it includes zooming, panning, crosshairs, trackballs, tooltips, period selectors, range selectors, and events. However, the best part is this library doesn’t provide any frequent updates and maintenance.

GitHub3.5k Stars
Forks 920
Licence MIT
Latest Release 0.7.8
Weekly Downloads 3,335
Languages Support Javascript – 100.0%

It Offers

  • Can be integrated with multiple chart types
  • Over 60 indicators and overlays
  • Provides flexible API for creating charts
  • Highly customizable stock charts
  • Drawing objects

Ant Design Charts

Ant design chart is the next most popular among React chart libraries, for students and development teams. It provides out-of-the-box high-quality charts automatically and prompts research into the user experience for the default configuration of charts.

Users can customize the charts as per their business requirements. Interactive and visual experiences are focused on displaying and discovering information at the chart’s root.

It has described itself as a React library and design system for enterprise-level applications. It has fantastic documentation, including examples, guidelines, and variants. This charting library has proved itself as an excellent charting library for customizing existing components and themes.

Companies like Lenovo and Toyota are using Ant-design charts. It’s an excellent choice for high-level businesses as well.

GitHub1.3k Stars
Forks 297
Licence MIT
Latest Release 1.4.2
Weekly Downloads 42,166
Languages Support Javascript – 51.3%, Typescript – 47.9%, Other-0.8%

It Offers

  • Accurate and detailed data representation
  • Responsive charting solutions
  • Easy to use, pretty and light-weight
  • Optional customization options with ready-to-use default charting solutions


eChart is an open-source and powerful visualization tool. It provides intuitive and interactive charting solutions for commercial platforms. It utilizes the ZRender
rendering engine, which supports SVG and Canva. It is written in Pure Javascript.

By adding new features and enhancing existing ones in story-telling and data appearance, augmented visualization, quality enrichment mobile responsive, collaboration, programmer experience, globalization, and other areas. It is designed on the basis of Echart’s key functionalities, which makes it simple for the programmers to tell the story behind the data sets through some new functionalities.

GitHub53k Stars
Forks 19.2k
Licence MIT
Latest Release 5.4.0
Weekly Downloads 106,350
Languages Support Javascript – 89.3%, Typescript – 10.6%, Other-0.1%

It Offers

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Having support for multiple renderings
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Easily accessible design elements
  • Special effects and data changes

React Timeseries Charts

The library contains a set of modular charting libraries for creating interactive and flexible charts. It provides time series components with an all-time React chart library

This React chart library is useful for visualizing network traffic and time-series data in a systematic manner. Low-level elements are constructed using D3 while high-level data are composed in React.

However, The library is not actively maintained or updated, it could be used for extensive documentation and examples. Supports different types of charts including Line, area, scatter, bar, boxplot charts, etc.

GitHub797 Stars
Forks 275
Licence MIT
Latest Release v0.15.3
Weekly Downloads 3934
Languages Support Javascript – 99.6%, Typescript – 0.4%

It Offers

  • Declarative layout of the chart having JSX
  • Supports line, areas, scatter plots, box plots
  • Having interactive features including Pan, Zoom
  • Multiple compositions into the row, axis, and overlays

How you can choose the Perfect React chart Library?

Above we have mentioned the top 10 amazing React chart libraries and each one is designed with different criteria. So, the question that arises is, how to choose the perfect one? Although, Numerous factors like types of data, and business needs might can affect these. So, here we are mentioning some factors which would help you to choose the best one

Cross-browser compatibility

It indicates the ability of a website or web application to function across different browsers. So, it should not be ignored when choosing a charting library. If you are looking for enterprise applications, then you are more likely to use an out-of-date browser. But while data visualizations, consider the library which can effortlessly function across all the browsers.


Customization means modification as per your need. Modification is a much-needed factor when we want to get the thing as per requirements. So, choose the charting library which is able to change the default kind of graph. You must be able to modify the things like colors, edit legends, delete grid lines, and many more.

Mobile Compatibility

Today, users are more convenient in using mobile phones rather than desktops. That’s why the charting library you are choosing must respond seamlessly to smartphone devices.

Availability of Charts

It is important to know the availability of options, that’s why you should consider a charting library that could offer you numerous options for graphs. If you are constructing an application for future use, then you will require a new sort of graph. Your present charting library must support the existing one.

These above are some of the general aspects, on which you can select your charting library.
But now, we will discuss some standard metrics which will help you to determine their popularity, reliability, and market perception.

GitHub Stars

GitHub is one of the popular code hosting platforms for version control and collaboration. It lets the developers work together from any location in the world. By using GitHub, you can notice analytics like Stars, Licence, Versions, and Forks. This application is enough to know the market trend.


NPM is a Node javascript platform for package managing services. It puts the necessary modules for Node js to find and manages the dependencies’ conflicts efficiently. It allows the developers to publish, discover and install Node programs easily. Even, it can be used to check important aspects like weekly downloads for a better understanding of the popularity of React chart libraries.

NPM Trends

NPM Trends is a platform, which is used to compare the downloads of different chart libraries of React js. It is an official and reliable all-in-one platform that even provides links to each React chart library

Stack Overflow Questions

Stack overflow is one of the most reliable Q&A platforms for programmers and developers around the world. You can easily estimate the popularity and reliability of React chart library by knowing the no of developers using it.


There are plenty of charts available in React js and having innumerable benefits to using them. This chart makes the work easier, so you can use them to get your work done easily.

These open-source React chart libraries are well-maintained and highly recommended by React js communities. They are perfectly suitable for developing applications. If you are looking to add them to your web project, then please contact us – We at UPSQODE have well-experienced React js developers, who can implement the chart easily in your web project. React chart libraries and well-developed and maintained as well as they are highly maintained by React js communities.

If you are looking to add charts to your project, then please contact our React js developers who are very well experienced and can assist you to add charts to your web project.

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