Top 12 Popular SEO Reporting Tools for 2024

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Jan 1st, 2024
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Search engine optimization is a crucial factor for the digital presence of any business As it is evolving with the passing days, it has become important to keep an eye on every detail. That is why the use of SEO reporting tools is a must, for tracking the elements helping in our search engine ranking.

Although search engine optimization has given us several tools to choose from, that makes us confused about what to choose. Keeping up with the SEO trends, today with this article, we are going to highlight some excellent SEO reporting tools, that will give you an edge in SEO. These tools will help you in implementing your SEO strategies.

Before moving ahead, take a little look at SEO

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize your website for ranking in SERP res, based on search engine algorithms. This includes On-page, and off-page, for improving the metrics like Keyword ranking, CTR, domain authority, page speed, backlinking, etc. These metrics are measured by SEO reporting tools.

What are SEO Reporting Tools?

SEO Reporting tools are the software, used to analyze your website and provide insights for search engine ranking. It tracks metrics like backlinks, visits, keyword usage, and URLs. The SEO reporting tools get you behind-the-scenes insights for achieving better results.

Why Tools are these important for SEO?

The Reporting tools play a critical role in developing a strong digital marketing strategy. These tools showcase the important metrics in a visually represented way. Collecting the right data and understanding and sorting accurately, let the marketers know what improvements are needed to provide quality ROI to the company.

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Factors to look at while Choosing SEO Reporting Tools

Choosing the right tool can be challenging and complex when you have a lot of options around. Hence, we will look at some factors to keep in mind before choosing reporting tools.

Good Range of Features

While choosing any reporting tool, it is necessary to look at the features they are offering. Ensure that the tool has a good range of primary reporting features like backlink monitoring, keyword analysis, traffic analysis, position tracking, fetching competitor’s data, and analytics.

Accurate and Current Regional Data

Reporting in SEO is all about data. The tool must have access to the accurate and current data confined to your client’s targetted region. It must be able to bring local insights for your targetted regions.

For instance, if your client is trying to rank for the USA furniture services, then search data for London is useless. Therefore Location is mandatory. Moreover, the tool must be able to update the data regularly with reliable accuracy, so that you can make your decisions better.

Third-Party Integration Tools

The ability to report on all KPIs in one place is essential for full-scale digital marketing campaigns. The more availability of integrations with third-party tools, the more it will be. Some tools even allow you to upload custom data sets.


You don’t want to re-invest in new software every time, whenever your agency reaches a new position. SEO reporting tools should be appropriate for your current business size and leave room for expansion as you add clients.

Continually Updating Features

As SEO is evolving, the reporting tool should also evolve. The tool must be able to integrate new features, with the website optimizations.

Ability to Customize Reports

Each client has different KPIs, objectives, and priorities. Presenting the information that clients want to see is important for a successful campaign and retention. The reporting tool must be able to deliver the correct data at the correct times.

Client Integration

A good reporting tool must have the client in mind. It should be able to provide automated summary reports or 24/7 client access to the dashboard.

White Label Reports

Although white labeling is not essential, it helps to keep the branding consistent and gives a professional surface to everything you send the client’s way.

Access to Support Resources

Support resources would help you to find out the solution when you encounter any problem. Finding the help you need is important, whether it’s detail documentation, chat feature/support desk, or responsive customer support.

14 Excellent SEO Reporting Tools

These reporting tools will deliver excellent benefits of SEO optimizations. Let’s go through them one by one in detail.

SE Ranking

SE ranking is an effective SEO tool at a beginner to intermediate level. It’s an automated and easily customized SEO tool with plenty of ready-made templates. It is the drag-and-drop report builder that highlights all the website performance and proves your marketing results to clients.

It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes and it allows you to create highly customizable report creation with just a few clicks. It has a strong collection of SEO features including current and historical position tracking, competitor SEO research, keyword research as well and backlink explorer.

Furthermore, you can use this tool to choose the period and drag and drop the modules you want to include, You can even add your business logos as well as branding to the headers and footers. You can also make notes on each footer.

Exciting Features

  • Keywords Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Checker
  • Competitive Research
  • Website Auditing Tools
  • On-Page SEO Checker tools
  • Report Builder
  • Lead Generation
  • White Label

Pros of SE Ranking

  • Easy to set up
  • Combines multiple SEO tools in one dashboard
  • Includes both organic and paid data
  • Integrates with Google search console and analytics
  • Offers attractive and affordable plans

Cons of SE Ranking

  • The social media management tool is weak but various alternatives are available for that


SE ranking plan starts from 23.52/month and the prices vary on how often you will use the rank check feature and how many keywords and websites you will be tracking for. The overall rating of this tool is 4.5.

This tool offers a 14-day Free trial.


Semrush is one of the best SEO-oriented tools, used for developing marketing insights. It contains a variety of insights and reports on SEO.

It includes metrics such as Keyword research, Campaign management, SMM, Competitive research, and content management metrics. It covers all SEO, site auditing, and analysis reporting as a single toolkit.

The keyword research tools can be used to uncover valuable insights about your website’s organic traffic. Additionally, it can give you information about the competitiveness of each keyword and the search volume for that particular keyword.

So, that you can make decisions about which one to choose to target your SEO Campaigns.
It includes both branded and white-label reports depending on the subscription level of your plan. Even it uses an exclusive data stream that tracks about more than 800 million keywords.

Exciting Features

  • On-Page SEO tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Tracker tool
  • Social Media Management
  • Competitor SEO analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Paid Advertising

Pros of SEMRush

  • Excellent tool for competitor analysis
  • Contains detailed information on site performance and how to improve it
  • Location-based searches for local competition
  • A lot of domain reports are available on entry-level plans
  • Notifies when your ranking changes

Cons of SEMRush

  • Some of the competitive features cost extra
  • It is the most expensive of all the tools


Prices start from $99.95/ month for the pro plan and 499.95/month for the business plan. You can try SEMRush or Guru free for 7 days, with a credit card.

Raven Tools

Raven Tool is a great tool for creating SEO and Marketing Reports. It is a great choice for search engine analysis if you are running your marketing agency. It is popular with marketers and Whitelabel SEO companies, so you can add your branding to the client’s reports.

It allows you to measure your marketing success across multiple platforms and visualize your progress with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Raven tools offer you a lot with a few clicks. There is an option to spy on competitors and check out which keywords they are ranking for. You can even create and monitor your SEO marketing campaigns. Additionally, you get to manage backlinks and pull data from other external resources.

Exciting Features

  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Backlink checker
  • Call tracking report
  • White-labeled reports
  • Website analytics reports
  • Site auditing reports

Pros of Raven Tools

  • Supports managing marketing campaigns
  • Best suitable for white labeling
  • Competitor analysis and web analytics included
  • It is best for connecting data resources on one report

Cons of Raven Tools

  • Can be difficult to create custom reports first
  • Lacks some extensive insights into organic traffic


Prices start from $39 per month and $49 per month. You can even try Raven Tools Classic for 7 days.


Ahrefs is another popular SEO reporting tool and is majorly used by marketing agencies. Its reporting tools are considered the most comprehensive and user-friendly on the market.

You can easily get an overview of the website’s organic traffic and backlink profile. Even it allows you to find thousands of keyword ideas and analyze their level of difficulty. Moreover, it allows you to monitor your rankings over time and chart your performance.

It combines many SEO reports to improve your content, outreach campaigns as well and organic ranking. It has the largest backlink index in the world, which is why it is great for uncovering link opportunities, and content gaps and improving domain authority.

Exciting Features

  • Rank Tracking Tools
  • Backlink monitoring tools
  • Site auditing
  • Keyword Generator
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Website Authority Checker

Pros of Ahrefs

  • Helps you to keep track of your ranking over time
  • Offers excellent site crawling
  • A lot of SEO insights are available
  • Possesses exceptional backlink index
  • Best tool for accessing the site’s strength and reputation

Cons of Ahrefs

  • More Expensive than other SEO tools
  • As there are so many features, it may take time to know everything well


It offers four pricing plans including $99/month, Lite Plan $179/month, Standard Plan – $399/month, and Advanced Plan – $999/month. You can use these for 7 days trial for $7.


Databox is another reporting tool for SEO, which combines data into a visual format which is a great way to share. It has a clear interface and several options to customize your dashboards.

The best thing about Databox is, that you can pull things from different environments and update your data in real time.

Databox markets itself as making SEO data easier to visualize by compiling all of your data in one place on an easy-to-use dashboard. For example, if you are working on a large team and you need to organize data in a way that makes it easier to generate tools. Databox is the best tool for you.

Exciting Features

  • Google Analytics report
  • Social media marketing reports
  • Automated reporting
  • Google Search Console Reports
  • Traffic analysis reports

Pros of Databox

  • Dashboards can be customized as per your need
  • Excellent integration marketplace with over 2000+ integrations
  • This is one of the best reporting software for agencies
  • Easy to create dashboards and visual charts

Cons of Databox

It is not an SEO tool itself, you will need to connect to other tools


Pricing starts from $49/month, it offers a free plan which includes 3 users, data boards, and data sources.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO reporting tool, for improving your search engine results. It helps to monitor your site’s visibility, traffic, and ranking. You can do backlink analysis, backlink analysis, and track competitors’ data as well.

The tool lets you build customized reports with ranking data, on-page optimization reports, and set reports that cover search engine rankings, site crawls, and competition. Then you can export the data to PDF or CSV, add your logo and then send reports.

It also provides templates, so you can easily create reports which demonstrate the status. Overall, it is an amazing tool for any business that wants to improve its SEO.

Exciting Features

  • Keywords Research tool
  • Rank Tracker tool
  • On-Page optimizations tools
  • Link explorer
  • Site Auditor
  • Social media tracker
  • Campaign Manager

Pros of Moz Pro

  • It has an easy-to-use environment
  • It is great for discovering relevant keywords and ranking opportunities
  • Easy to track keywords across multiple search engines
  • Help you to understand your competitor’s keyword ranking

Cons of Moz Pro

  • No tools are available for managing outreach
  • Difficult to customize SEO data


Moz Pro offers different plans such as the standard plan – $99/month, Medium plan – $149/month, $249/month – larger plan,$599/month – premium plan


GrowthBar is a great SEO tool that offers a range of features for your SEO campaigns. This tool lets you analyze keywords, competitors, backlinks, and other metrics for the growth of your content in the digital area. The platform has been designed to improve conversions and domain authority.

It offers billions of keywords and long-tail searches to see the working of your competitors and plan your strategy. It allows you to generate reports on competitors’ keywords, backlinks, and Google ads.

Its chrome extension is the best way to get data while you are browsing the web. You can check domain authority, and website traffic and examine backlinks as well. It allows easy data exports into CSV formats which is helpful for several use cases.

Exciting Features

  • AI writing tool for better writing
  • Offers blog topic generator
  • Backlink reporting tool
  • Keywords analysis

Pros of GrowthBar

  • It is easy to use environment for beginners
  • There is no limit on queries and keywords research
  • Has an affordable package to start with
  • You can check page rankings with the chrome extensions

Cons of GrowthBar

  • It shows no difficulty score on Keywords research
  • Backlink monitoring is basic


It offers various plans including a standard plan for $29/month, a Pro plan for $79/month, an Agency plan for $129/month

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio offers some pretty features for SEO reporting and some data analysis features are available for free. It offers a great interface for reporting. It’s an effective tool that can be used to create visually stunning informative reports which would look professional.

With data studio, you can build stunning reports and dashboards based on your website’s performance. If your business depends on data metrics for more than one resource, Google Data Studio can be the perfect fit for your business.

The keyword rank checker of data studio helps you to check your progress over time and the backlink checker ensures that your backlink must be of high quality. It can pull 500+ data sources and works well with Google products like Google search console and analytics.

Exciting Features

  • Custom Reports generation tool
  • Backlink checker
  • Data analysis
  • Keyword rank checker tool
  • Traffic analysis

Pros of Google Data Studio

  • Offers modern and interactive data visualizations
  • Various templates that help you to get started
  • Pulls data from various resources
  • Support is available whenever you get stuck
  • Team collaboration and integration with the Google Suite

Cons of Google Data Studio

  • No automation is there for reporting
  • Certain limitations on exporting file


Google Data studio to free to use SEO reporting tool.


Nightwatch is a powerful drag-and-drop tool, which allows you to create beautiful visual reports with aggregate data in minutes. It is simple to use and has great reporting features. It supports integrations with Google Analytics, Google search console, and Google Data studio.

It lets you highlight your client’s important data including segments, graphs, and overview of your rankings, backlinks, and site information. It even allows you to build beautiful easy to interpret white labeled reports. Nightwatch reports are an important tool for any SEO professional.

The Automated reporting facility gives the whole team the information, they will need to make critical decisions without having marketing experts.

Exciting Features

  • Keyword Tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Traffic tracking
  • Site audit analysis
  • Global reporting tools

Pros of Nightwatch

  • Powerful drag-and-drop options are available
  • The facility of white-label SEO reports
  • Highlights the client’s most important data
  • Lets you report on ranking in multiple cities
  • Has the ability to pull data from Google Analytics, Google search console, and Nightwatch grows sales

Cons of Nightwatch

  • For Beginners, the Price is not convenient


The Pricing plan includes a starter from $39, optimization from $99 as well as, Agency from $369, and custom plans in between. A 14-day free trial is available.


Surfer SEO is an AI-based SEO tool for SEO professionals and content marketing agencies. It is built for creating optimized content. It uses SERPs, 500 on-signals, and AI to analyze the ideal content. When you write, it instantly updates the content score of your content.

The best way to use Surfer SEO is to improve your content for landing pages, as well as your websites and blogs. Surfer does an SEO analysis and gives the score to your page and also gives suggestion for improvising it. It compares your content with high-ranking competitors.

Exciting Features

  • Content Editor
  • Keyword Research
  • Al support tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SERP Analyzer

Pros of SurferSEO

  • It helps to optimize the existing content and create new pages
  • Offers extensive SEO reports for your competitive pages
  • It is an extremely easy-to-use reporting tool for SEO
  • The outline builder uses an AI tool for text and header suggestions
  • Provides suggestions to the writer and improvises the writing

Cons of SurferSEO

  • You need to modify the bit if you want to make it 100%. And it is a long-term process.


The basic plan starts at $49/month and the pro and business plan starts at $199/month. It also includes a custom price.


SerpStat is a comprehensive SEO reporting tool. It lets you create clear customized reports with the most important KPIs on schedule so that you can manually work and focus on the other aspect of your business.

It is designed to help businesses improve their search engine performance in major areas including marketing, search analysis, content marketing, and PPC. Using this, you can know who is ranking well in search engines and how you can beat the competition.

It also lets you customize report templates for individual clients and projects and white-label them with your company logo and branding. This tool lets you work efficiently and effectively and delivers insights that help your clients to make important decisions.

Exciting Features

  • Keywords Research
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Competitors Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • On-Page Audit
  • Search Analytics

Pros of Serpstat

  • Backlink analysis reports have a set of anchors together with referring pages and domains.
  • Implements a unique algorithm that helps the system to discover market share
  • Lets you easily spot errors.

Cons of Serpstat

  • Some of the audit points are too technical, that are difficult to understand.


The plan starts from $19/month and the free users can get 30 queries per day and 10 Results per report.

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is an SEO reporting tool that has the facility of rank tracking, link management, backlink research, and backlink auditing tools for creating powerful and useful SEO reporting tools.

Unlike other tools, it has the facility of a software package, which means you just have to pay once yearly for a license and will enjoy unlimited use of the package and its features.
It consists of four tools Rank tracker, Backlink checker, SEO SpyGlass as well and Link Assistance. Each of these tools contains in-built reports where you get the results of your SEO tasks.

Exciting Features

  • Keywords Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Generating
  • Backlink Checking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site recommendations

Pros of SEO Powersuite

  • Easy-to-use tool for beginners
  • No, setup required
  • Efficient Report creation
  • Unlimited usage on yearly plans

Cons of SEO Powersuite

  • Comes with useless updates every week
  • Lack of design and usability


The Price starts from $0, but it has a yearly plan for $499/year.

Final Thoughts

You must be thinking now about which one to choose, each and every tool is amazing with lots of features and innovations. Some tools might offer detailed and comprehensive reports such as SE ranking and Semrush. So, it is better to study all your requirements in detail and pen down what kind of reports you are looking for. Then choose the best tool that can satisfy you.

Also remember, all these tools offer a free trial, so do check once before investing. And if you are still in some thoughts, then contact UPSOQDE – one of the best SEO agencies, Our SEO team of experts will guide you through everything in detail.


What is an SEO Reporting tool?
The SEO reporting tools help you to track your website’s SEO performance and recommend the best marketing efforts you should apply for.

What is the best automated SEO Reporting Tool?
The best SEO Reporting tools are SE Ranking, KW Finder, SEO Powersuite, Semrush, Serpstat, and Ahrefs.

What is the KPI for SEO Report?
KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators are the metrics, that help you to evaluate the SEO performance without defining, monitoring, and analyzing the SEO KPIs that matter for your business

Are there any Free Dashboards Tools?
If you can’t afford those premium SEO reporting tools, then there are some free dashboard tools available like Woorank’s SEO, Website Analysis tool, CanalRank, Seed Keywords, and the free version of Semrush tool.

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